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pixel is the industry's leading resource for vendor listings across all related support areas - including help desk software, IT asset management software, CRM software, and more. We provide hundreds of qualified listings, updated daily to ensure the best experience possible. Browse through the folllowing categories to get a valuable understanding of the scope and magnitude of vendors and software offerings within the industry.

Help Desk Software Vendors

Help desk software vendors specialize in providing internal service and support solutions that automate the help desk and service desk function. Typical functionality includes call management, call tracking, knowledge management, problem resolution, remote control, and self-help capabilities.

It should be noted that many of these vendors offer complementary products in the form of asset management, CRM, call center management, and related front/back office solutions. Vendors that specialize in these (and other help desk related offerings) are categorized elsewhere in this directory.


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CRM Software

CRM and call center vendors specialize in solutions that help automate the call center and customer management process including customer identification, communications, segmentation, analysis, sales and marketing. Some vendors in this category offer complementary solutions in the form of sales force automation (SFA), help desk software, and related front/back office solutions.

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Asset Management Software

The vendors listed here specialize in IT asset management, which focuses predominantly on automating the process of network, PC, and LAN auditing and inventory tracking and reporting. Some of these vendors offer complementary software in the form of help desk automation and related front/back office solutions. Also note that many of the vendors listed in's "Help Desk Software" category also offer asset management functionality as part of their core suite of offerings.

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Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge management vendors specialize in solutions that enable companies to more effectively manage structured data, unstructured information, collaboration, and document management. While a majority of these vendors focus specifically on knowledge sharing, search and categorization tools, some offer complementary products in the form of help desk automation, customer relationship management (CRM), call center management, and related front/back office solutions.

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Enterprise Software Solutions (Related to Service Desk)

Vendors that market enterprise solutions are typically large, global organizations that offer a broad range of IT applications and services including network management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence, analytics, and business performance management (BPM). Note that not all enterprise vendors offer CRM and/or help desk and related service and support solutions.

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Complementary Solutions (Related to Service Desk)

Vendors in this category develop, market and support products that complement/supplement help desk, call center, and CRM software. Examples include bug tracking software, survey software, FAQ software, and password management and security software.

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