Automated rules

Rafal Kloc
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updated: Jun 3, 2020

What are automated rules?

Automated rules help you to create automatic workflows that will speed up your work.

There are four rules available. This feature will be developed more, and, in the future, you’ll be able to create your own personalized rules. We’ll be describing those rules in this article.

Each of the rules has the option of choosing which teams the rules apply to. All rules can be removed or added again.

Settings for automated rules can be found in Settings -> Automated rules

Automated rules view in HelpDesk app

What automated rules are available?

New ticket confirmation

New ticket confirmation rule

This rule is to send confirmation to the requester after the ticket has been created. The user has an influence on the content of the notification and the ability to add appropriate parameters. Those parameters will automatically supplement the content of the e-mail with suitable variables.

Feedback request

Feedback request rule

This rule is to send a request for feedback when the ticket changes its status to Solved. The user has the option of setting the time that the request will be sent, the teams the rule will apply to, the content, and the parameters.


Follow-up on a ticket rule

This rule is to send a reminder to the Requester with feedback that the ticket is waiting for a response. The user has the option of setting the time that the reminder will be sent, the team the rule will apply to, the content, and the parameters.

Pending to Closed

Automatic status change from Pending to Close

This rule is to automatically change the ticket status from Pending to Closed. The user has the option of setting the time that this change will take place and the teams the rule will apply to.


HelpDesk automated rules dropdown

To add a rule, select it from the list of available rules and confirm with the “Add” button. The added rule will not be active immediately. It will become active after appropriate content is added, e.g., selection of teams.


Delete button in HelpDesk automated rules view

To delete a rule, expand it and use the “Delete” button. You will see confirmation that the rule has been deleted along with a message asking if you really want to delete it.

Change name

Rule name changing settings

The name of the rule is changed by using the pencil icon. After changing the name, you must confirm it with the “Save” button.


Enable and disable rule toggle

To enable/disable a rule, use the “Switch” button on the right side of the rule.

Change content and parameters

Editing a rule in HelpDesk app

Some rules have a special field that contains content. While adding or modifying it, you will be required to confirm when you are done editing the content by clicking “Save".

It’s also possible to enrich the sent message with parameters. Clicking on the parameter will paste it where the cursor is located during editing.

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