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What is Help Desk Software Anyway?

We naturally get this question quite a bit! In summary, help desk or service desk software works to automate the service management and support function. Typical support desk purposes include helping users retrieve lost passwords, helping customers troubleshoot product issues, assisting employees with hardward and software technical problems, and more. There are number of service and support solutions available that offer rich and robust functionality for optimizing the help desk management process…

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Read the latest from the Help Desk Coach…

Customers Don’t Buy Annoyance… Or Bad Support

Whether you’re pitching for new customers or supporting existing customers, annoyance doesn’t sell.

Recently a company pitched me on its much hyped platform, offering a webinar as a product demo. Throughout the webinar, the presenter talked so fast (think “crack head” fast) it was hard to follow.

In the beginning he announced he’d respond real time to questions posted by viewers, but in fact he did not. He hyper hyped a series of features, perhaps thinking viewers would get all the information they needed to sign up for the ‘special offer.’

Repeated viewer requests for the promised product demo were ignored, as were questions about product functionality. An auto response suggesting viewers contact tech support with those questions was the only response.

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The Future of Service Desks in a World of Tech-Saavy End-Users

Randstad Technologies recently published an Infographic called “The Future of Service Desks: All About User Experience”. The Infographic positions the IT Service Desk in a rapidly changing world of tech-savvy end-users, within an environment that is increasingly being driven by mobile technology and social media channels.

Free White Paper: 10 Simple Rules to Buying a Help Desk *Featured!*

Help desk selection and implementation can be daunting tasks. These 10 simples rules take the guesswork out of the process with industry best practices, point out common mistakes that you can easily avoid, and provide a solid foundation for you, your team, and your organization’s success.

Remember you do not have to implement all the bells and whistles straight away, just make sure the selected system has the capability to extend to the areas you have selected. Most organizations start with a simple framework like incident, change and knowledge management and then expand into problem, configuration, release and asset management as they progress. Selecting the vendor that will address your current needs and grow as you do is the key.

logo_helpdeskcoachFeatured Destination: Get Real-World Service & Support Tips from the Help Desk Coach!

Whether you’re managing an internal helpdesk or external customer service desk, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest tactics and strategies to ensure maximum client satisfaction. While IT helpdesk management or service desk automation software can help streamline and optimize operations, it’s the “human factor” that arguably counts the most for effective support that satisfies your end users. Visit our Help Desk Coach section for insights into effective service and support desk management.

Q. Dear Help Desk Coach: *New!* I work for a state government network help desk. A lot of our time is taken up by employees in many departments calling my help desk, when they should be first contacting the help desk of their particular agency. OR sometimes the user does contact their agency’s help desk, but the user is told to contact us even though the agency help desk is the appropriate problem solver. This creates a lot of frustration for the employees and for my help desk. How can I bring this to the attention of the CIO so agency helpdesks do their jobs? Frustrated Agent

(See below for response!)


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A. Dear Frustrated Agent: What a waste of everyone’s time and energy! Shame on the agency help desk agents who do not listen to the user’s issue and help.  They are falling down on the job! I recently worked with a state IT helpdesk which had centralized IT support for all agencies. For all the headaches the centralization produced, at least state employees/users are provided support in a setting which promotes FCR (first call resolution)…

About Donna Earl & The Help Desk Coach

headshot_earlDonna Earl (aka the Help Desk Coach) specializes in assisting help desks and tech support deliver world class customer service. Since 1990 Ms. Earl’s international consultancy has helped organizations strengthen leadership effectiveness, customer loyalty, customer retention, and employee productivity. She is an internationally recognized speaker, business educator and consultant, executive coach and author.

Donna is a published expert on Customer Service and quoted in publications including Investor’s Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal, both US and European editions. Her articles and column are also published on Helpdesk.com. The fresh insight, emotional intelligence and proven strategies she brings to seminars on Customer Service transform help desk and employee performance. She has presented to over 200,000 people worldwide.

Free White Paper: How Offering a Self-Service Portal Benefits the Service Desk

In today’s support environment, end-users and customers continue to demand answers – faster, better and cheaper. Online knowledge-enabled self-service is a proven way to help manage these demands. With a self-service enabled help desk, you can increase your service levels, improve customer satisfaction, and quickly begin recognizing a compelling return on investment.

IT service desks are just now discovering the benefits of web self-service. Escalating employee expectations have resulted in increasing demands on the help desk. Plus, companies have more complex IT infrastructures than ever before – complex networks, multiple integrations, a plethora of applications running in global environments – creating more opportunities for end-users to contact support.

It’s a Social – Join The Social Help Desk Revolution!

It’s impossible for an IT professional to go anywhere without hearing about the social media paradigm transforming the help desk function. Help desk software providers are rushing to augment their platforms with tools and technologies integrating social features and functions. The more advanced solutions not only embed Facebook/Twitter integration, but actually make these social platforms the center point of the solution (or in some cases at least provide the option for this). One could argue that social integration, like Facebook and Twitter, are probably more ideal for external customer (CRM) support.

See Gartner’s Latest Service & Help Desk Software Magic Quadrant!

Gartner’s recent Magic Quadrant for IT Service & Support Management Tools (ITSSM) provides an insightful comparison of top service and support software vendors in the space. Functionality reviewed – pertinent to the help and service desk – includes problem/incident managment, change management, knowledge management, request management, and more. If you’re presently evaluating help desk service and support software, be sure to review Gartner’s assessment of vendors, including strengths and watch points. Also be sure to read it if you’re interested in learning more about the state of the industry in terms of technology and trend.

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