KnowledgeBase for LiveChat
KnowledgeBase for LiveChat
Integrate LiveChat with KnowledgeBase and empower your support with self-service
Developed by Text
Works with   LiveChat

KnowledgeBase is an easy-to-use knowledge base software for creating, managing your internal knowledge, and building a public help center for customer self-service.

Internal knowledge management lets you organize company and product knowledge. You get multiple knowledge bases, password-protected help centers, article management features, a rich text editor, analytics, AI features, smart search, and more.

KnowledgeBase lets you easily organize product and service information, benefiting both your team and customers. By equipping support agents with instant access to organized knowledge resources, you can improve their responsiveness and the quality of information and, in the long run, grow customer satisfaction.

Simultaneously, customers can explore a comprehensive help center with product FAQs, articles, and manuals at their convenience. With 24/7 self-service capabilities, ticket deflection is maximized, ultimately reducing the costs of your customer service. This means less workload for your team and a larger focus on the more burning issues.

Use KnowledgeBase to optimize your product information, empower support agents, and deliver round-the-clock customer support.

KnowledgeBase costs $59 per month. Here’s the full list of features.

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Key Features

Multiple knowledge bases
Build different help centers for internal purposes, various products, and audiences.
LiveChat integration
Connect with LiveChat with KnowledgeBase to browse and send articles directly inside the user app. No more jumping between tabs.
Rich-text, AI editor
Create engaging and informative content packed with images, videos, and GIFs using smart AI features, including content, title, and keyword generator.
Pre-customizable help center
Based on your company email address, we build you a help center that matches the branding of your business.
Article management
Keep your knowledge streamlined with topics, keywords, and visibility settings so everyone can easily find what they need.
Actionable insights
Measure the popularity and effectiveness of your content to know how you can make it better and what you should write next. Google Analytics included.


24/7 customer support
Let your customers find the answers themselves without contacting your agents. Anytime they need it.
Improve content creation with AI
Create help content faster with less effort using a few smart, AI features.
Boost your team’s productivity
Solve more customer issues with handy knowledge base software that improves the agents’ workflow.
Improve internal communication
Create and manage internal policies, documentation, and guides and make sure everyone in your company is on the same page.
Increase responsiveness
Product information at their fingertips lets agents quickly find solutions and resolve customer requests almost instantly.
Reduce costs
Higher productivity, frictionless communication, and less time spent on repetitive issues drive down costs connected to customer support.

App Privacy

The developer Text indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of user data. You can learn more in the app’s Privacy Policy. App installation indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set by Text, Inc. Marketplace.

Tutorial & Support

How to use this app

Follow the app tutorial with setup instructions on how to use and properly configure this app with your LiveChat account. To get help and support contact Text. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of KnowledgeBase for LiveChat.

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