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Easy setup

Get started with HelpDesk in a few simple steps. Your ticketing system works within a browser, so you can skip the installation and start using it right away. No technical knowledge is needed to start using HelpDesk in your company.

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Flexible subscription

Explore all the HelpDesk features with a 14‑day free trial. Add or remove agents anytime. From only $29, you get a tool that can help you improve your customer service and stay focused on your big goals.

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Intuitive design

Open your dashboard to get an overview of your current workflow. In HelpDesk, solving tickets is as easy as replying to an email. Find any section you need within seconds using smart navigation bar.

Manage your email communication
in a professional way

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Provide the best customer experience to build relationships with your customers

Be the company that is defined by its customer-oriented approach. Learn more about what your customers need and then use it to build contextual communication. Let your customers tell you what they think about your responses using ticket rating.

Start building better relationships
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Organize your enterprise communication with a help desk system

Put your incoming messages in order, and manage them in an easy way. With HelpDesk, you have an overview of all your customer support cases in one place. Use statuses and tags to structure all the tickets and identify which tasks are completed and which need your attention.

Organize your communication
HelpDesk features: responssibility, reports, canned responses

Speed up your workflow to increase productivity

Automate repetitive tasks in your company with a help desk system. Create a clear workflow and make it easier to identify who is responsible for a particular task. Assign agents or teams to tickets, use canned responses and check your results in the reports section.

Increase productivity with HelpDesk

Use great customer service to improve
your business results

Get a new marketing tool

Excellent customer service can be a powerful marketing strategy. People talk. If you provide amazing customer experience, your customers will be more likely to leave reviews or tell others that what you’re doing is awesome.

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Help desk for your business needs

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HelpDesk for small and medium-sized businesses

Startup, a growing business or a small company – anyone can benefit from better customer support, at any stage of business development. Discover HelpDesk’s features and learn how it can help your business thrive.

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HelpDesk for enterprise

Big companies tend to have plenty of customer support cases and need a stable environment to manage the entire business communication. A ticketing system that is easy to use, yet highly effective, can help with turning a complicated process into a simple procedure with easy-to-follow steps.

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