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Customizable help desk

Adjust HelpDesk to your business needs and workflow. Create teams, views, and signatures. Customize notification and feedback requests. Talk to your customers in your own unique way.

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Effortless setup

Implement an online help desk in your company within 5 minutes. Reach out to our HelpDesk chat support to get one-on-one assistance 24/7.

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Transparent pricing

With HelpDesk, you get one price per agent, no matter how big your team is. Add or remove agents anytime and stay flexible with your subscription.

Make the most of online customer support

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Work with your team in real time

HelpDesk is an online platform for team cooperation. Invite your co-workers to solve tickets together. Create teams to manage multiple mailboxes and company departments. Every agent has their own account, but you can work on the same projects simultaneously.

Work with your team in HelpDesk
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Choose your favorite device

If you’re looking for an alternative to a desktop help desk, open your HelpDesk dashboard on mobile. HelpDesk is a web-based application which means it works within a browser. No matter the device or operating system.

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Automate your support tasks

Remove repetitive tasks and stop responding to the same questions over and over again. Make your team’s work easier with HelpDesk’s canned responses and tags. Respond more consistently with pre-made messages and save time.

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Protect your digital data

With HelpDesk, your entire customer support happens online. You don’t need additional infrastructure to store your business data. Your messages are safely kept in the cloud. Stay GDPR compliant and increase the level of security in your organization.

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Discover HelpDesk’s digital analytics

Start to base your decisions on data, not hunches. Apply data to your customer service and improve customer satisfaction. Data analytics is available for all HelpDesk users, starting from one agent. The earlier you take a look at data, the faster you can implement a data-driven approach in your digital customer service.

Online reports in real time

Optimize first response time

Reply to your customers’ questions faster. Take a look at the online reports to check how much time it takes for your team to answer a ticket. Use this information to find tickets that require more effort from your support team and draw conclusions based on real data.

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Learn from feedback to grow your business

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Ticket rating

Give your customers a chance to tell you what they think about your online help desk support. Send a customized feedback request with a short online survey after solving a ticket. Analyze results in a convenient way with HelpDesk reports.

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Identify groups of tickets that are similar to analyze them later. Find trends or repetitive issues. Use tags to identify the contents of a message and find out what your customers need. Group tickets with tags to create a structure to manage messages with ease.

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Get instant HelpDesk support for your team

Our Support Heroes are ready to help you at any time of the day. Start a chat to connect with one of them and get all the answers you need about HelpDesk ticketing system. No matter if you add 1 or 100 agents, you always get instant 24/7 support on chat.

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HelpDesk ticketing system is a tool that can help you with feedback management, customer support, sales, and process management. Use HelpDesk’s features to improve your current support workflow and help your customer service teams get more organized. Discover best help desk software for digital customer support with a free trial.

An online help desk saves your time. You don’t have to install any updates. The HelpDesk team takes care of the infrastructure and software maintenance. Your help desk app is always available online with all the historical data. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.

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