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Writing for Learning Space is a great way to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in online communications and customer support.

Take some time to review this page, as it clearly explains the guidelines, the article submission process, and the type of content we accept so that you can be sure your pitch will hit the mark.

Who are we?

HelpDesk is a simple yet powerful online ticketing system where you can manage all your customer messages. You can integrate your communication channels and store all conversations in one place. HelpDesk provides easy-to-use and intuitive collaboration tools, smart automation, and other features that boost your productivity.

Guidelines for a guest post in the Learning Space blog

Topics we expect from our guests

Learning Space's audience is interested in reading about modern online communication and effective customer service. They're curious about how to have organized and impactful conversations with customers and build customer relationships. Our readers want guidance on providing professional support, measuring performance, and improving teamwork.

If you have exceptional writing skills and enjoy sharing your knowledge on the above topics, the Learning Space blog can be your place to shine.

The quality we are looking for:

  • Unique, 1,200- to 1,500+ word, and data-driven guides that instruct our readers and broaden their perspective.
  • Copyable and skimmable email templates that can speed up your daily business and customer service workflow.
  • A casual, conversational, and to-the-point writing style. No fluffy paragraphs, please.
  • Proper formatting to make text readable: Use of subheadings, bullets, and formatting best practices.
  • Content supported by compelling arguments, reports, and top-quality research.
  • High-quality images, graphics, and infographics that support the content piece.
  • Links to original sources with reliable statistics published in the last two years. Also, we accept one link to your company's resources, preferably to a blog, case study, or other educational content.

What might be rejected?

  • Topics that have already been covered on the Learning Space.
  • Posts that have already been published on other sites. We also reserve the exclusive rights to host your content. We don't agree to republish them on other platforms, blogs, and social media.
  • Links to promotional content, sales pages, and other landing pages that were added for the sole purpose of link building. Links also shouldn’t be directed to HelpDesk competitors.

The article submission process for the Learning Space blog

  1. Explore Learning Space. Take a look at the guides and email templates available to get inspired.
  2. Choose the content format: guide or email template.
  3. Send an email to weronika@helpdesk.com. Introduce your topic and explain in points how the Learning Space audience can benefit from your article. Also, provide keywords you'd like to cover. If you already have a portfolio, let us know — we'd love to read your articles!
  4. If your topic fits in Learning Space, we'll write back and give you a content brief to follow.
  5. Once you submit an article, our content and editorial teams will review it and provide you with feedback. Also, remember that we reserve the right to change, update, and remove content at any time to keep the blog relevant.
  6. If you agree with our suggestions, we'll publish your article by a predetermined date. Hurray!

Picking topics from the submitted proposals is time-consuming, so please give us some time to review yours.

We're looking forward to publishing your article on Learning Space!

Write for us!

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