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Manage emails and chats together

Integrate LiveChat and HelpDesk to get a powerful customer support platform.

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HelpDesk and LiveChat are better together

They become the go-to place for your entire communication with customers. Organize emails, chats, and ticket form messages on one platform.

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Your favorite LiveChat features adapted for email management

Create teams, prepare canned responses, use filters, and browse reports. HelpDesk takes the best LiveChat features so you can use them for email communication.

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Power up your LiveChat app with HelpDesk ticketing system

Customize your HelpDesk to make it match your branding and workflow. Create views and automated rules to manage multiple mailboxes and teams. Check delivery status to see if the customer received or read your email.

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Synchronize your data in just one click

Import all your messages easily from LiveChat tickets to HelpDesk. Use the same tags and canned responses right away. Save time by transferring all of your agent’s accounts and teams.

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Integrate LiveChat and HelpDesk in just a few clicks

Both apps are based on the same design system, so their integration feels like a software upgrade. Use your HelpDesk account or create a new one.

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Open the LiveChat Marketplace and click “Install”

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Sign up or Log in

Create a brand new
account or log in with an existing one

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Set up

Fine-tune your
HelpDesk integration and you’re ready!

Compare LiveChat Tickets and HelpDesk

Discover upgraded tickets and features designed for email support.

LiveChat Tickets


Features available only in HelpDesk

Your domain in the reply email address Set up your own domain as a reply email (


Multiple mailboxes Manage multiple email addresses.


Automated assignment rules Assign tickets to agents or teams automatically.


Rich text formatting for incoming emails See text formatting and images in your ticket thread.


Rich text editor for agents Add formatting to the messages you send.


Free “Viewer” account Add users to HelpDesk for free.


Deleting tickets Delete tickets that you don’t want to keep.


Agent signatures Add signatures to make your messages more personal.


Bulk actions Create and apply a bulk action to a set of your tickets and speed up your work.


Customizable views Save your favorite filter sets, and access them in the left sidebar.


Shared views Create the ticket view that is essential for your whole team and share it.


Ticket counters Counters show you the number of particular customer cases in your custom views.


Customizable email address Personalize your HelpDesk address (


Reply address assigned to Team Specify and change the email address for your outgoing messages.


Customizable feedback request Write your own feedback request that is sent from HelpDesk.


Web app available on mobile Respond to tickets on mobile in the HelpDesk web application.


Email delivery tracking Check if the customer received or read your emails.


Advanced SPAM filters See the reason why the message is marked as SPAM.


Advanced email support reports Browse ticket status report and improved “First response time” report.


All messages in the ticket thread Include automated emails in the ticket history.


Tag reminder Get real-time notification of a missing tag while working with the ticket.


Team collaboration Mention agents in the private notes. Follow the ticket to keep up to date with new activity in it.


Collision detection Notice when several agents are working on the same ticket through collision detection.


Ticket priority Prioritize your tickets, so you know which cases are urgent and require your attention in the first place.


Contact form Publish contact form on your website and receive messages directly to HelpDesk.


Screen recording Record your screen using the video response feature in HelpDesk to show customers actual solutions to their issues.


Automated workflows Create custom automated workflows according to your requirements.


Ticket merging Merge many requester's tickets into one main ticket.


Features with differences

Statuses Categorize messages according to their urgency.

Open, Pending, Solved, Spam
Open, Pending, On hold, Solved, Closed, Spam

Email template This is how your customers see messages sent from the ticketing system.

Default template
Customizable template

Ticket feed Browse messages in a convenient way.

Long tickets saved into files
All tickets visible in ticket feed

Ticket rating Give your customers a way to share feedback.

24 hours after solving a ticket
Choose if and when to send

Features available in both products

Ticket details Learn more about the message and the requester.

Ticket history Scroll up the ticket thread to learn more about the context of a message.

Canned responses Respond faster with pre-made message templates.

Teams (Groups) Create groups of agents that correspond to different departments in your company.

Tags Add labels to tickets to identify the contents of the messages.

Email notifications Turn on/off email notifications about new ticket activity.

White label No HelpDesk branding in your messages.

Reports Analyze your customer service performance with built-in analytics.

24/7 chat support Contact us anytime to get help.

Integrate HelpDesk and LiveChat to keep all communication in one place

Get a powerful email management system for an affordable price

Starting from


Per agent, per month

Start free HelpDesk trial to test all the features. Integrate with LiveChat and enable email channel communication. The integration is available on HelpDesk’s Team and Enterprise plans.

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Bring your team on board for free

Invite everyone from your team to HelpDesk with free “Viewer” accounts. Pay only for agents that work with tickets. The rest of your team can still access HelpDesk for free.

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