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Keep your data safe in the cloud

Maximum security combined with instant accessibility. With HelpDesk, your data is safely stored in the cloud. Stop worrying about servers, data storage, and security procedures. HelpDesk guarantees data protection at the industry level using certified data centers.

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With a web-based help desk, you can access your tickets anytime, on any device, using any operating system. Laptop, PC, mobile—you can choose whichever suits you best. A web-based help desk adapts to your needs.

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Get email notifications about tickets even when you’re not logged in. HelpDesk will let you know when a new ticket arrives. You can relax and be sure that you won’t miss any messages from your customers.

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Invite your colleagues to join you on HelpDesk. You'll have separate accounts, but you can work together to solve customers’ issues. Talk to each other using private notes, share files in real time, or assign tickets to the right group.

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You can choose a monthly or annual subscription. No hidden charges. Same price every month, without any surprises.

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Teams, tags, private notes, canned responses—they are all designed with you and your team in mind. The ultimate goal is to maximize your productivity and make your customers a little bit happier with every message they receive.

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HelpDesk is web-based and cloud-based for maximum security, efficiency, and speed

Technology can help your company achieve greater results. That’s why it’s crucial to choose help desk software that’s well adapted to the digital reality of today’s world.

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Web-based software – what does it mean?

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A web-based app runs directly within your browser. You don’t have to download anything—just go to the app URL, log in, and that’s it. The only requirement is the Internet connection.

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Any software updates are made automatically in the background, so they never interrupt your work. The whole process of app maintenance is on the provider’s side.

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To use a web app, you don’t need a device with a lot of computing power. It works on personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

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Web-based software eliminates compatibility issues with operating systems. There are no requirements apart from having a fully functional browser. However, it’s important to make sure that a particular browser type is supported by the application.

Cloud-based software – what does it mean?

Cloud-based software means applications that accessible over the Internet and are not stored on your local device. Works in the cloud. The storage is taken care of externally, but your software i available on your device anytime. That’s why you don’t need to worry about hosting. All you need to start working with a cloud-based app is a device with an Internet connection.

Cloud-based software is easily scalable, adapting to your increasing needs as your business grows.

You don’t need tech expertise to set up the environment for cloud-based software to work. The online help desk app is accessible right away, anytime.

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Storing data in the cloud is extra safe, as data centers around the world guarantee the best quality of security mechanisms. Ensuring data security is mostly on the provider’s side.

Try the web help desk that’s available anywhere, anytime.

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