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Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

A help desk app for convenient, multichannel customer support

Connect with customers with one simple desktop app. Enhance your service team with the cutting-edge features offered by HelpDesk software.

Simple setup Browser-powered No download required

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How does a help desk app work?


You receive a message from a customer that's converted into a HelpDesk ticket.


You can assign this message to a specific agent or team.


Your support team solves the case thanks to HelpDesk features.


The customer receives a ticket response that looks like a friendly email message and is then asked to provide feedback about your service.

Use the web-based help desk app on any device


With HelpDesk, you can manage your tickets directly from your browser without the need for downloads or installations. This cloud-based system offers the convenience of traditional desktop apps and combines it with the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing.

  • Always available. Works wherever you have access to the internet.
  • Ease of use. Simple web app for solving issues on your favorite devices.
  • No extra software needed. Everything is online, no downloads required.
  • Real-time updates. Notifications are sent instantly about any changes in the app.
Try HelpDesk on your device
Desktop version of HelpDesk app


A smaller screen is useful when you leave your office but need to stay in touch with your customers. The HelpDesk application is always with you, so you can solve tickets anywhere.

  • On-the-go accessibility. Communication with customers is possible at any location from your pocket.
  • Instant web access. No downloads or installations are required. Access HelpDesk directly in your mobile browser.
  • Always available. Works around the clock online so that you won't miss any tickets.
  • Full feature availability. Desktop version features, but optimized for mobile use.
Try HelpDesk on your device
Mobile version of HelpDesk app

Manage all your customer communication in one simple help desk software

View of multichannel support in the HelpDesk app

Improve the experience with multichannel support

Turn emails, contact forms, or chatbot conversations into tickets and keep all conversations in HelpDesk. Finally, all customer messages are at your fingertips.

Start solving cases
View of integrations in the HelpDesk app

Integrate with powerful tools for a holistic approach

Integrate HelpDesk software with apps such as ChatBot, Zapier, Hubspot, Slack, and so on to provide better customer support. Organize synchronous and asynchronous communication in one place.

Try HelpDesk integrations
View of AI features in the HelpDesk app
Loved by teams

The HelpDesk app comes with built-in AI features

Level up your communication with AI. Easily craft responses, tweak tone, and generate short summaries. Build stronger customer bonds with more relevant messaging.

Try HelpDesk AI features
Custom filtering in the HelpDesk Ticket Management System
View of reports section in the HelpDesk app

Create customized reports

Browse HelpDesk reports for support insights and customer feedback. Use the ticket heatmap to schedule agent shifts. Bring data-driven service to your company.

Discover HelpDesk analytics
View of automations in HelpDesk app

Use automation for smarter customer support

Speed up case resolution with canned responses for common questions, customizable workflows for repetitive tasks, and macros to update tickets quickly.

Create workflows

Why does your business need HelpDesk software?

Keep your customer satisfaction level high and make money thanks to your well‑trained support team.

Centralized communication

Move all customer interactions to a single platform. Simplify conversation monitoring and management, improve team collaboration with shared access and real-time updates, and improve customer service with faster response times and consistent communication.

24/7/365 customer service

Serve a wide range of customers through multiple channels, including emails, chats, web forms, etc. Deliver quick and personalized responses, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction. Foster stronger customer relationships through timely assistance.

Data-driven insights

Closely monitor key metrics such as first response time to customer messages. Use advanced analytics and end-to-end reports to improve your business strategies. Gain insight into your users' needs and preferences.

Personalize your HelpDesk app

Feedback request view in HelpDesk app

Feedback requests

Create your feedback request that will be sent after you solve a ticket. Give your customers a chance to tell you what they think.

View of Agents signature in emails in HelpDesk app

Agent signatures

Make your messages more personal with agent signatures. Users can set up their name stamp that's automatically added to every mail they send.

Personalized email templates view in HelpDesk app

Multiple email templates

Take advantage of making personalized email templates related to your communication style. Customize the visual appearance of the messages you send.

Custom views

Create your own filters to make working with HelpDesk tickets even more convenient. Adapt the ticket dashboard to your needs and optimize your workflow.

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