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Help desk app for convenient, multichannel customer support

Connect with customers with one simple app

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Manage all of your customer messages in one help desk app

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Combine tickets with chats to improve customer experience

Swap emails for tickets, and keep all messages in HelpDesk. To maximize the benefits, integrate HelpDesk with LiveChat, and organize your multichannel communication in one place.

Start solving cases
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Encourage teamwork in your organization

Work together on support issues, and help other agents without leaving the app. Create private notes, tag your tickets, and group agents in teams. Make knowledge-sharing easier with collaboration tools.

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Message from the customer with a refund request, followed by an automatic reply with the refund form

Respond to customers in seconds

Make resolving cases more time efficient. Automate responding to recurring questions with custom, ready-made canned responses. Use them in your messages to be swift and on-brand.

Automate your customer support tasks

Use automation for smarter customer support

Customizable automated workflows can support you in constant and repetitive tasks that only distract you from individual and pressing cases. Adjust them to your needs and the specifics of your work.

Create automated workflows

Personalize your HelpDesk app

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Feedback requests

Create your own feedback request that will be sent after you solve a ticket. Give your customers a chance to tell you what they think.

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Agent signatures

Make your messages more personal with agent signatures. Every user can set up their own signature that’s automatically added to every message they send.

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White-label responses

Ticket responses sent from the HelpDesk app look like regular emails. There’s no HelpDesk logo in the footer template, and you can add your own signature.

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Custom views

Create your own sets of filters to make working with HelpDesk tickets even more convenient. Adapt the ticket dashboard to your needs, and optimize your workflow.

Use the web-based help desk app on any device

HelpDesk app on desktop


Open HelpDesk in your browser, and solve tickets with ease. There’s no need to download or install any apps or browser extensions. The HelpDesk’s web application is always accessible when connected to the internet.

HelpDesk app on mobile


A smaller screen is useful when you leave the office but need to stay in touch with customers. The HelpDesk app is always right in your pocket so that you can resolve tickets anywhere.

24/7 real-time HelpDesk app support

The HelpDesk team is ready to talk to you if you need any help. Reach out to us on chat and get instant answers to your questions. Or use our extensive help center if you prefer to find answers on your own.

Chat with us 24/7

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HelpDesk app comes with built-in analytics

Browse the HelpDesk reports to learn more about your support efficiency and customer feedback. Take a look at the ticket heatmap to predict the times of the day you need more agents online. Introduce data-driven customer service to your company.

Discover HelpDesk analytics
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How does a help desk app work?

HelpDesk application is a ticketing system designed to manage your communication with customers in one simple dashboard.

Email message

You receive an email from a customer that's converted into a HelpDesk ticket.

HelpDesk ticket

You can assign this message to the right agent and team.

Canned responses view

The agent uses the HelpDesk feature to solve the case as quickly as possible.

Ticket reponse

The customer receives your ticket response that looks like a friendly email message.

Ticket rating

An hour after the ticket is solved, the customer also receives a feedback request. The analysis of the ticket rating will improve the quality of customer support. This step is optional, and you can turn off the ticket rating if you don't need it.

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