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Traditional inbox can be difficult to manage. A huge volume of emails and inefficient folders – it’s not something you’d like to deal with. Store your messages in a help desk system to instantly identify which cases need your attention. Respond to your customers’ emails directly from the HelpDesk dashboard.

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Speed up your response time

Private notes in HelpDesk

Collaboration tools

A response that’s quick and on point – that’s what makes a customer delighted. Use HelpDesk’s collaboration tools to work together and provide excellent support. Prepare answers faster and encourage knowledge sharing within your team.

Canned responses in HelpDesk

Canned responses

Answer frequently asked questions 10x faster with canned responses. Prepare draft messages, and use them later when you reply to an email. Save time – stop writing the same thing over and over again.

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data security

Keep all the messages and customer details in a web-based help desk system to maximize information security. You can be sure that your data is safely stored in certified data center.

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What are the benefits of implementing the best help desk solution?

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Increased customer satisfaction

Quick and precise answers to support questions build your brand loyalty. Your customers know that you care about their needs.

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Efficient feedback management

Tags make it easy to find messages that contain feedback. Your customers can also rate the quality of your responses with ticket ratings. Identify areas for improvement and your strongest points with ease.

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Improved team productivity

Your customer support agents can work faster as they have a set of tools that makes it easier to tackle their daily tasks.

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Boost in sales

Provide support not only to your current customers but also to leads and prospects. They have many questions to be answered too. Make sure they receive all the help they need even before they become customers.

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Successful teamwork

A team that works together brings more benefits to an organization. Your support agents can collaborate to solve cases and learn from each other. They can share files or talk to each other directly within the app.

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Simple account management

A top help desk software allows you to manage the accounts of all your team members. You can give them specific roles or assign them to different teams. In a structured environment, everyone knows what tasks they are responsible for.

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What makes help desk the best tool for email support?

Help desk software is a system that allows you to manage your entire communication with customers in one place. Your customers can contact you via their preferred channel, and you can answer them directly from the help desk dashboard.

Advanced features (such as canned responses or private notes) let you handle the communication process in a fast and convenient way. Your agents can also easily identify who should take care of a particular task.

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How does a help desk ticketing system work?

How does a help desk work - step 1

Your customer sends you an email.

How does a help desk work - step 2

You see it as a ticket that can be assigned to a dedicated team within your company or a specific team member.

How does a help desk work - step 3

The customer service agent can use premium help desk features to solve the issue faster and more efficiently.

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The agent sends a response.

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Your customer receives a friendly email from your support team, not an automated ticket response.

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