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HelpDesk dashboard with team management, private notes, and tagging

Get a professional tool at a reasonable price

Access all advanced functionalities with a flexible subscription plan. Pay only for the users who actually use HelpDesk. Update the number of support agents anytime. Or cancel, if that’s what you need at the moment.

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Maximize your productivity using the resources you already have

Implementing a help desk system in your company is a real time-saver. Organize your emails in one place to declutter your inbox. Let HelpDesk speed up your customer support process.

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Improve the quality of your customer support

Better support means increased customer retention. Having direct contact with customers is essential for any early-stage company. Send friendly support emails to build stronger relationships with your current and future customers.

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Why choose HelpDesk over a regular mailbox

Ticket statuses

Keep track of all your emails and make sure you know which ones need your attention.

HelpDesk dashboard: Ticket statuses

Advanced tagging option

Filter by tags to find similar messages and learn more about your customers' needs.

HelpDesk dashboard: Advanced tagging

Delivery tracking

Make sure your message arrived where it should have. Check if your customer has already read your email.

HelpDesk dashboard: Delivery tracking

Discover HelpDesk's advanced features


Group your customer-facing agents into teams, and manage their tasks in a simpler way.

HelpDesk dashboard: Teams

Canned responses

Prepare smart message templates and use them to speed up your response time.

HelpDesk dashboard: Canned responses

Business reporting

Browse through the reports to identify your blind spots and strongest points.

HelpDesk dashboard: Business reporting

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Free 14-day trial Easy setup

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Per agent, per month

Includes all that you needed:

  • Unlimited users
  • Email channel (shared inbox)
  • Collaboration tools (private notes, tagging)
  • Canned responses
  • High data security
  • Chat and email support

Get premium support from the HelpDesk team

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Reach out to us anytime,

Your questions are always of the highest priority for us, no matter how many agents you have in HelpDesk. Start a chat to get instant help. Our support team is always available. Monday, Sunday, or bank holiday. 2 pm or 2 am.

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Connect with HelpDesk’s product
development team

Influence the product you use everyday. Schedule a call with our Product Manager and tell us what you need. We believe in customer-oriented product development – we’d love to hear your ideas.

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Efficient feedback management stimulates business growth

One thing is to get feedback, another is to learn from it. Use HelpDesk to get more quality feedback and manage it in a professional way.

  • Use tags to find similar cases and compare what your customers say about your product.
  • Analyze trends to decide on improvements that you want implement to your product.
  • Let your customers rate your answers to their questions with ticket ratings.
HelpDesk dashboard with feedback management tools: rating and tags

Designed for small businesses

Enterprise-oriented help desk systems aren't the best fit for small business owners. A simpler tool with easy setup will increase your customer support efficiency.

Illustration: Small plant representing start-up


Implementing HelpDesk at the early stage of your business growth is crucial if you want to see its positive snowball effect in the future.

I have a start-up
Illustration: Medium sized plant representing small company without dedicated support team

Small company that doesn’t need a full-time support team

In a smaller company, everyone needs to know something about everything. Integrating your sales and support communication in one place will make your workflow smoother.

I have a small business
Illustration: Large, sprouted plant representing company with a dedicated support team

Company with a dedicated support team

In some industries, you need professional support agents no matter your company size. Make it easier to manage this process in HelpDesk.

I have a support team

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