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Manage emails and
chats together

Integrate LiveChat and HelpDesk to get a powerful customer support platform.

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HelpDesk and LiveChat
are better together

They become the go-to place for your entire communication with customers.
Organize emails, chats, and ticket form messages on a single platform.

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Your favorite LiveChat features adapted for email management

Create teams, prepare canned responses, use filters, and browse reports. HelpDesk takes the best LiveChat features so you can use them for email communication.

Manage your inbox now
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Power up your LiveChat app with HelpDesk ticketing system

Customize your HelpDesk to fit your brand and the way you work. Create handy views and use automated workflows to manage multiple mailboxes and teams. Track delivery status to make sure your customer received the message.

Connect HelpDesk and LiveChat
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Synchronize data with a single click

Import all your messages easily from LiveChat tickets to HelpDesk. Use the same tags and canned responses right away. Save time by transferring all of your agent’s accounts and teams.

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Provide support wherever you are

Use the LiveChat mobile app to communicate with customers and manage incoming tickets on the go. Increase the availability of your support even when you’re away from your desk.

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Integrate LiveChat and HelpDesk in just a few clicks

Both apps are based on the same design system, so their integration feels like a software upgrade. Use your HelpDesk account or create a new one.

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Open the LiveChat Marketplace and click “Install”

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Sign up or Log in

Create a brand new
account or log in with an existing one

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Set up

Fine-tune your
HelpDesk integration and you’re ready!

Keep all communication in one place

Integrate HelpDesk and LiveChat

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14-day free trial Easy setup

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