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Bring automation and superhuman responsiveness to your customer communication.
Turn time-consuming tasks effortless.

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Complicated process before using the HelpDesk and clear process after using HelpDesk.

Assist your customers in a convenient way

  • Browse tickets
  • Use filters
  • Create views
  • Bulk actions
Work as a team on the tickets

Keep all customer communication in one software.
Track your support actions and be ready for more interactions.

You can create ticketing lists using defined filters or tags - it helps to manage tasks between teammates.
Anna from CUX
We can manage all support tickets from one place. It gives us the opportunity to be more organized.
Michael from Vendict

Work as a team on the tickets

  • Use canned responses
  • Check ticket status
  • Change responsibility
  • Write notes
Automate to focus on complex cases

HelpDesk is the right place for your team to build customer relationships. Only smooth and responsible teamwork can lead to exceptional customer support.

Keep track of your

Always be aware of the scope of your work. You can easily spot the assigned tickets and unresolved customer cases. Manage your time smartly and make the most of it.

Share private notes in the team

Exchange ideas and supervise complex customer cases. Use mentioning to point out the agent who can contribute to a positive result. Show team spirit in every situation.

Use handy canned responses

Share knowledge in the team and create the canned responses with the best answers to customer questions. Give instant support, stay in the right context, and keep it natural.

Handle tickets from many sources

Your customers are into flexible communication, so let's keep up with them. Tickets will be created in the help desk software, regardless of the selected channels.

Automate to focus on complex cases

  • Create workflow
  • Specify conditions
  • Select actions
  • Activate workflow
  • Get reports
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Get even better results by bringing automation to your daily tasks. Solve customer cases faster. At the end of the day, there's proof of your amazing work in the generated reports.

Create workflows

Try workflows for repetitive tasks. Adjust them to the specifics of your work and needs. Focus on more complex cases, as the automation takes care of the rest.

Find trends in the reports

Get access to comprehensive reports on your performance. Reports are generated automatically based on your actions. Control the quality of your support and improve it.

Easy integration with tools

Integrate HelpDesk with the tools you use daily and boost your flow. Many of integrations stand for automation-first approach, so you can reduce effort and save time.

Empower your team

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Will HelpDesk be a good fit for you?

We understand the nature of work of the customer service team. If you experience any of these challenging situations, you can overcome them with HelpDesk.

Envelopes dropping into the agent's drawer. Envelopes dropping into the agent's drawer.

You get a lot of emails

Your inbox is full of emails, and the challenge is to respond quickly while keeping things clear.

Envelope, ticket, chat bubble, and agent avatars arranged in a circle. Envelope, ticket, chat bubble, and agent avatars arranged in a circle.

You have multiple cases

You have to handle requests, and at the same time, your customers need immediate service.

Two inboxes and different agents assigned to these inboxes. Two inboxes and different agents assigned to these inboxes.

You use many addresses

Email addresses are tailored to different business goals, and you want reliable communication.

Six agents divided into 3 teams. Six agents divided into 3 teams.

You deal with many teams

There are several specialist teams, and you want to shape the responsibilities.

You take care of data security

You promise to manage customer messages with well-secured and tested ticketing software.

You want to avoid repetitive work

You'd like to make your support smarter by integrating with an workflow tool.

Assisting many businesses in building relationships

Companies using HelpDesk Companies using HelpDesk

Add HelpDesk to your processes

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