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All your IT support cases on one neat dashboard

  • Browse tickets
  • Use filters
  • Create views
  • Bulk actions

Boost your IT team's productivity with practical features

Perform bulk actions

Save time by applying bulk actions on tickets and changing their status, priority, assignment, or tags with just a few click.

Example of performing mass actions in HelpDesk.

Automate your tasks

Delegate repetitive and time-consuming cases to automated workflows. Set them up in minutes so you can focus on the tasks that need your full attention.

Example of automating actions in HelpDesk.

Use the API documentation

Connect to the external services, tools, plugins, and applications you need for your daily IT support flow by using extensive API documentation.

Examples of using API documentation to integrate with HelpDesk.

Apply integrations

Build up your HelpDesk account and integrate with work-related and productivity apps to stay on top of your IT support game.

Examples of HelpDesk integration.

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Their support team also benefits from using HelpDesk


Brastel team saves 12 minutes handling each ticket. It's a 39% decrease in the ticket resolution process.


Brastel team handles nearly 2,000 tickets a month using automation.

HelpDesk embraces everything we needed when it comes, to asynchronous customer communication.

Irina Bokareva
Marketing Project Manager at Brastel Co., Ltd.

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Brastel Brastel

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Free 14-day trial Easy automation Robust reporting

Use API features to expand HelpDesk capabilities

Explore the API documentation to easily link to your preferred services, build a connected support hub, and bring the best customer experience.

Advanced reports in HelpDesk.

Advanced reports

Use the API to access the raw data for ultimate ticket analysis.

Deep integrations in HelpDesk.

Deep integrations

Connect to the systems of your choice for seamless cooperation.

Custom channels in HelpDesk.

Custom channels

Create and interact with tickets from sources other than email.

Sophisticated flows in HelpDesk.

Sophisticated flows

Use the API to create complex automations for IT assistance.

Keep your IT support team on track

Create scalable teams

Divide your support engineers into teams responsible for a specific area, such as an API, registration process, subscription, or purchasing process.

Creating scalable teams in HelpDesk.
Delegating tasks effortlessly in HelpDesk.

Delegate tasks effortlessly

Get a full view of the ticket history to easily reassign a case to a more experienced IT agent. Use private notes to share all relevant ticket details on the fly.

Track team performance online

Get a 360-degree data view and compare average response times, ticket heatmaps, or satisfaction. Use insights to organize your IT support operations better.

Tracking team performance online in HelpDesk.

Transform daily IT actions into well-considered processes

Defining debugging checklists in HelpDesk.

Define debugging checklists

Perform crisis management and save practical checklists as canned responses so agents can go step-by-step, find the root of the issue, and resolve tickets quicker.

Creating custom fields in HelpDesk.

Create custom fields

Use custom fields to equip tickets with additional information gathered during IT support troubleshooting. Explore their value when you need deep-dive insights.

Adding tags to tickets in HelpDesk.

Add tags to tickets

Thoroughly categorize your tickets using descriptive tags. Label support cases so that you can easily filter them out or even automate their handling.

Connecting HelpDesk with many productivity apps.

Connect with many productivity apps

Mirror your support flow and integrate HelpDesk with the tools you see daily when providing information technology assistance.

Start with HelpDesk in three simple steps

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Send invitations to your IT support team with just a few clicks.

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Forward messages from your current support inbox to HelpDesk.

Provide the best IT support internally or externally

IT help desk for internal teams

Use the same dashboard across all departments to make it easy for employees to reach out to the support team with technical questions. Also, create tickets to readily manage IT infrastructure.

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Many people that fall into three categories: Admins, Devs, and IT.
A person who handles four different IT-related conversations.

Tech support for customers and external users

Be approachable and create a single point of contact for your customers when they have technical questions or IT-related issues. Educate users and build stronger relationships.

A ticket putting a plug in a contact.

Implement IT help desk software in your company

Employ an IT service desk in your business to provide professional technical support. Use HelpDesk's advanced features to help users succeed in any IT-related procedure.

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