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5-minute setup

Starting with HelpDesk takes only a few minutes. All ticket operations happen within your browser – you can skip the installation. Your data is securely stored in the cloud, so you don’t need to take care of the infrastructure to implement your new help desk.

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Simple ticket management

Organize your entire communication in one place. Switch emails to tickets, and solve IT issues faster. With the HelpDesk dashboard, you are always up to speed on your IT support tasks.

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Flexible subscription

One plan that includes all the features – that’s what HelpDesk offers you to manage your IT service desk. Add or remove agents anytime. Transparent per-agent pricing gives you full control of your subscription.

Improve the quality of your
IT help desk support

Feedback requests

Ask your users for feedback about your ticket responses. Let them tell you what they think about the way you explain technical procedures.

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HelpDesk analytics

In the online reality, analyzing data is a necessity in all areas of a digital business. Bringing a data-driven approach to customer service can increase the quality of your IT support.

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Ticket tagging

Add labels to tickets, and organize them in a neat way. Putting tickets in order helps your IT support agents to find the information they need within seconds.

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Your IT support team may also need some help sometimes.
That’s why our Support Heroes are available for your team
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Solve tickets faster
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Debugging checklists

Something goes wrong, but it’s not obvious how to fix it. Create practical checklists to find the root cause of a problem. Save them as canned responses, and use them whenever needed. Create a procedure with easy-to-follow steps to solve tickets faster.

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Create teams to organize your IT
support workflow

Specialized teams

Create teams that specialize in handling specific types of problems. Assign the right agents according to their level of experience and expertise. You can divide your IT support engineers into groups responsible for a specific area: API, sign up process, or subscription.

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Provide the best IT support
internally or externally

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IT help desk for internal teams

Give your employees a place they can reach out to in case of technical questions. Make the onboarding process easier with specialized IT teams that will help all the new users learn how to use your software. Allow your employees to create IT tickets to manage your IT infrastructure in a simple way.

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Tech support for customers and external users

Let your customers talk to you in case they have a technical question. Solve any IT-related issues with a professional ticketing system. Build better relationships with your customers to improve their user experience with your application. Educate your users and show them how to use your software to the fullest.

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Send invites to your IT support team, and let them create their agent accounts

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Forward emails from your
current support mailbox to HelpDesk

Implement IT help desk software in your company

Your users will have technical questions even if you provide a self-serve knowledge base and detailed documentation. An IT help desk team within your company provides professional technical support. No matter if your service desk solves tickets for your employees or your customers, you can use HelpDesk’s advanced features to help your users succeed with any IT-related procedures. Both small businesses and big companies will benefit from having an IT help desk in place.

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