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HelpDesk apps
Jira for HelpDeskJira for HelpDesk

Create and Automate Jira Issues Directly in HelpDesk.

AI Translator is the perfect app for breaking the language barrier and enabling you to communicate with people from all over the world in their native language.

Connect Slack and HelpDesk to reply to customer queries and stay on top of ticket management.

Create, View and Automate Salesforce Flows Directly in HelpDesk.

Turn Webflow website visitors into loyal customers with tailored messages and support in HelpDesk.

The ultimate ticketing assistant designed to streamline your customer support process and improve efficiency

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"Elevate your productivity with Marketplace apps. Our user-friendly tools are seamlessly integrated with your HelpDesk setup and offer innovative solutions to enhance your team's performance."

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Maciej Pankiewicz

Product Manager

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Create and monetize apps for the HelpDesk Marketplace

HelpDesk has joined the Marketplace, and new opportunities for app development and monetization are waiting for you.
Create and monetize apps for the HelpDesk Marketplace

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