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HelpDesk is simple and user-friendly

HelpDesk logo Simple process - Email envelope leading straight to the check mark.

Easy to use and intuitive

The emphasis was on providing the shortest learning curve for users. All this to show full respect for time and to ensure effortless contact with the software. You can enjoy the power of HelpDesk after just a few minutes of use.

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Knotty and overwhelming

When it comes to Zendesk in some cases, users admit that important features are in unexpected places. It takes a while to explore the app to find the right thing. It happens in such mature and sophisticated applications.

We’ve used Salesforce, Zendesk, Groove and others. With HelpDesk, we’re able to manage tickets in a clean and visually minimal environment.

Richard Eib, Monroe & Kent Home

Richard Eib from Monroe and Kent Home

Quick comparison of HelpDesk and Zendesk for your consideration


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The highest ready-made plan


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24/7 support in every plan

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Tracking progress

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Process automation

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CSAT surveys in every plan

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Team collaboration tools

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Team roles

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Reports and analysis

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Integration with 3rd party products

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Security measures

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Save up to 70% by switching to HelpDesk

Chart showing savings by choosing HelpDesk instead of Zendesk. Chart showing savings by choosing HelpDesk instead of Zendesk. Arrow down.

Your annual savings


For this calculation, we used HelpDesk Team and Zendesk Professional plans because they’re similar in terms of available features, and we used price/month (billed monthly) here.

Grow with HelpDesk ticketing system

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Trusted by companies around the world

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Ticket hiding behind a big and turned on switch. Ticket hiding behind a big and turned on switch.

Switching to HelpDesk from Zendesk is simple!

The data will be migrated smoothly, with a guarantee of the integrity and correlation. We are here if you need any assistance in the process.

HelpDesk in a nutshell

HelpDesk application with four sections highlighted: Ticket info, Ticket source report, Requester, and Responsibility. Five sections from the HelpDesk app: Ticket info, Ticket source report, Requester, Top rated agents report and Responsibility.
One source with all emails that are managed by the ticket

Single source

Central management of your tickets

Gears that automate the work and the ticket that's next to them


Reduction of manual work for tasks and processes

Ticket holding a painting pallete


Brand identity and space for your own voice

Tickets placed in a circle, which give themselves a high five


Smooth teamwork in customer support

Two columns in the graph, which differ in height


Data aggregation and easy analysis

Ticket holding the document with the check list


Online conversation standards and clear rules

Put products together for a
better experience

Choose solutions for customer service and communication from the range available below.
Check the possibilities of individual products and find out how they work together for a higher purpose.

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Support customers
with tickets

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Connect with customers

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Automate customer service with AI

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Guide and educate customers

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