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Integrate HelpDesk
with Zapier

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Automate your customer service workflow
with the Zapier integration

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Create tickets automatically

Save time by creating HelpDesk tickets straight from your CRM or online communication software. No more switching between apps.

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Customize workflows

Mirror your current workflow in Zapier and automate manual tasks. Use triggers to perform actions specific to you.

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Update project statuses

Send status updates to your project management software when a ticket is created in HelpDesk.

Lots of triggers
and actions to use

Be quicker and more efficient than ever with a set of useful triggers and actions. Get a free HelpDesk account to try Zapier integrations and build powerful automation specific to your business.


  • New Ticket
  • Ticket Status Changed
  • New Message in a Ticket
  • Ticket Tags Changed
  • Ticket Followers Changed
  • Ticket Assignment Changed
  • Ticket Priority Changed


  • Create Ticket
  • Update Ticket or Send Reply
  • Add Tags to Ticket
  • Add Followers to Ticket
  • Create an Upload Transaction
  • Upload Attachment During Transaction

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an external automation tool that allows you to connect HelpDesk to over 3,000 apps without having to build a dedicated integration with them.

Please note that Zapier can apply an additional fee for using the integration.

Different apps that can be integrated with HelpDesk through Zapier.

Connect with 3,000+ apps

Find your favorite app in Zapier’s marketplace and connect it with HelpDesk. Explore endless possibilities, and create your own workflows.

Free 14-day trial Simple setup Simple setup

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