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Keep all messages in one place

Incoming emails, requests from web forms or other sources — everything is in HelpDesk.
Your entire communication with customers is in one system. Ready to be accessed anytime.


Navigation as simple as it should be. With categories managing tickets is much faster. Use them as shortcuts to sorted tickets. With just one click you can see all tickets that needs your attention.

Feature: Categories in HelpDesk


Filter you tickets by agents, dates, assigned teams or ticket rating and analyze the results. Browse only relevant tickets, and filter out the rest.

Feature: Filters in HelpDesk

Smart search

Get precise search results with HelpDesk’s smart search. Type in the customer's name, email, ticket ID or attachment name and let HelpDesk find the ticket you need.

Feature: Smart search in HelpDesk

Use tools designed for effective customer communication

Our web-based help desk is a tool created for customer service teams. Your tickets contain all the details you need to address the customer's requests.

Ticket details

In order to effectively solve each case, you need each request to be described in detail.

Feature: Ticket details in HelpDesk


Some cases require additional informations to solve it quicker. With attachments you and your client can upload screenshots, graphics, spreadsheets and many other files.

Feature: Attachments in HelpDesk


Tagging is an excellent feedback management tool. Group your tickets to find trends in your customer interactions or identify similar issues.

Feature: Tagging in HelpDesk

Automate and optimize your customer support

Let HelpDesk do some of your work for you.
Automate repetitive tasks and optimize your response time.


Statuses help you stay up to date. Use them to identify the tickets that need your attention and the ones that have been successfully resolved.

Feature: Statuses in HelpDesk

Canned responses

Canned responses are templates that simplify dealing with repetitive questions. Every agent can use predefined messages to speed up the response time.

Feature: Canned responses in HelpDesk

Email notifications

HelpDesk won't let you miss any message. Enable email notifications to get a notification when a new ticket arrives.

SPAM filters

Filter out the messages that are irrelevant or malicious. Make sure your customers get your full attention. Don’t waste time on junk mail.

Delight your customers
with personal customer service

You see a ticket, but your customer sees a friendly message that looks like an email. Forget the robotlike responses–make meaningful connections with customers.


HelpDesk stores your full conversation history with every customer. Browse previous tickets to find valuable insights and identify the context.

Feature: Conversation history

Client details

You can browse details and previous tickets for each customer. Get to know your customers better and address their questions in a contextual way.

Feature: Client details section

Ticket rating

Your customers can rate your reponses. Let them tell you what you do great and what you should improve.

Feature: Ticket rating

Collaborate comfortably with your team

You can assign different roles within your team to manage access and organize your workload more efficiently. Add as many agents as you need, there's no limit.


Ticket assignment is essential to organize your team’s workload. You can choose an agent that should take care of a specific ticket. This way, everyone has clearly defined tasks.

Feature: Assignment

Private notes

Private notes make communication within your team smoother. You can leave a comment for your teammates and cooperate to find the right solution.

Feature: Private notes


Create “Teams” in HelpDesk that match your company structure. Assign a ticket to a specific group to inform its members that there’s a task waiting for them.

Feature: Teams

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Reports can measure your performance and show you important trends. In HelpDesk, you can examine the number of new tickets, your first response time, the number of solved tickets and their resolution time.

Feature: Reports

Effortless customer support

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