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Email channel (shared inbox)

Convert emails into tickets for better customer support.

Unlimited free Viewer accounts

Create free Viewer accounts that have limited access to HelpDesk

Unlimited ticket history

Store all your messages in ticket archives forever.

Collaboration tools

Leave private notes for your colleagues. Label tickets to find them later with ease.

Basic reports

Check reports to optimize your customer support performance.

Custom domain

Use your own email address to reply from HelpDesk.

Automated workflows

Create automated workflows to reduce manual effort, speed up work execution, and improve accuracy.

Contact form

Add a contact form on the website so your visitors can easily contact you.

24/7 chat support

Reach out to us anytime. Let’s talk on chat!
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All "Starter" features plus


Create groups of agents to organize your workflow better.

Multiple mailboxes

Manage different company mailboxes in one place.

Automated assignment

Automatically assign tickets to the right people or teams.

Collision detection

Prevent unwanted situations where agents accidentally work on the same ticket.

Advanced analytics

Discover advanced reports to better understand your customers’ needs.


Make HelpDesk your own with custom views, notifications, and feedback requests.

LiveChat integration

Connect HelpDesk with your LiveChat account.
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All "Team" features plus

Multichannel communication

Combine email and chat support in one application.

Dedicated account manager

Get premium support tailored for your business.

Product training

Get a one-on-one product training session for your team.

Software engineer support​

Our engineers can help you with more advanced technical setup.

Security assistance

Our specialists will advise you on the best security practices.

Data migration assistance

Get help when switching from another ticketing system to HelpDesk.

White label

Strengthen your brand and mask HelpDesk branding while communicating with your customers.
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Pricing (all prices in USD)

Price / month (billed annually)

$4 per agent

$19 per agent

Price / month (billed monthly)

$5 per agent

$24 per agent


Using HelpDesk

Multiple mailboxes Manage different company mailboxes in one place.


Reply address assigned to Team Adjust the email address for your outgoing messages to your brand.


Automated assignment Automatically assign tickets to the right people or teams.


Collision detection Detect key activities on the ticket, such as viewing or typing by another agent.


Screen recording Record your screen using the video response feature in HelpDesk to guide your customers in solving their issues.


Automated workflows Create custom automated workflows according to your requirements.

Two active workflows

Private notes Leave notes attached to tickets that will be visible only for you and your team.

Email delivery tracking Check if the message has been read by the recipient.

Agent signatures Add your own signature to messages sent from HelpDesk.

Canned responses Prepare draft messages and use them with simple shortcuts.

Agent rating Your visitors have the option to rate the agent that chatted with them.

Customer details Detailed information about your customers.

Tagging Categorize tickets with tags to be able to identify similar cases later.

File sharing Share files with your team or customers without leaving the HelpDesk app.

Contact form Publish the contact form on your website and receive tickets directly to HelpDesk.

One contact form

Mentioning Mention an agent in a private note who can assist you in solving the ticket.

Followers Become the ticket follower, and you'll be notified of any changes in it.

Priorities Prioritize your tickets and highlight urgent customer cases to organize your work better.

Ticket merging Merge many requester's tickets into one main ticket.



Custom domains Reply from HelpDesk using your own email address.

Customizable views Save sets of filters as views, and access them easily in your everyday work.

Customizable rating message Ask your customers for feedback with a simple message triggered automatically.

Customizable automatic reply Automate the ticket confirmation message.

Customizable email template Adjust the visual side of the messages you send from HelpDesk to your needs.


White label We can remove the "This email is delivered by HelpDesk" branding on demand.



Agent roles In HelpDesk, there are 3 roles: Admin, Agent, and Viewer. Admins have all the permission, Agents can work with tickets, and Viewer can only browse and read tickets.

Teams Group you agents into convenient teams responsible for specific types of tickets.


Stats and reports

Last 7 days See an overview of your ticket activity within the last 7 days.

New tickets Learn more about new tickets that arrive to your mailbox.

New tickets heatmap in last 7 days Discover at what time of the day you receive more tickets than usual.


Tickets sources Compare how many tickets are created manually and how many arrive via email.

Ticket satisfaction Check how well your customers rate your customer support.

First response time Learn how fast you respond to a ticket on average.

Solved and closed Compare how many cases are solved and how many are closed.

Reports export Export ticket metadata within the specified date range.



256-bit SSL secure connection Keep you data safe with the SSL encryption protocol.

Build-in antispam protection Get advanced mechanisms to prevent spam with an explanation of why the message is marked as spam.

Log in with Google Use your Google Account details to log in to HelpDesk.

Audit log Get a list of changes made in the application settings. Provided on demand.


Security assistance Get tailored security advice from our specialists.


Product support

Self-serve Help Center Find step-by-step articles about all the HelpDesk features.

24/7 Chat support Connect with our Support Team on chat to get instant assistance.

24/7 Email support Contact us via email at

24/7 Phone support Call us anytime if you prefer to talk on the phone.

Product training Get a one-on-one product training session with one of our Support Heroes.


Software engineer support Talk to our tech team to get support even on the most complicated issues.


Legal assistance Our legal team will take care of analyzing or drafting the paperwork your company needs to get started with HelpDesk.​


Yearly PO & invoicing You can use purchase orders to pay for HelpDesk, and get annual invoices.


Key Account Manager Get premium support and one-on-one product training sessions.



Email history Take a look at email history to learn more about the context of a message.

Record storage Your screen recordings prepared for your customers are stored for 30 days.



API Enhance HelpDesk according to your needs and solve individual cases with custom integrations. Use HelpDesk API to add services of your choice for even better performance.


LiveChat Connect HelpDesk with your LiveChat account.


Zapier Connect HelpDesk with 2000+ web apps with Zapier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payments methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards. If you choose monthly billing, the payments are made at the beginning of a new billing cycle. If you choose an annual subscription, your card is charged for 12 months upfront.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is! You can discover HelpDesk for 14 days free of charge. During your free trial, you’ll have access to all the “Team” features, and you can add as many agents as you want.

What is a “Viewer” account?

It’s a free account that has limited permissions within the app. Viewers can browse and read tickets but can’t take any actions. They don’t have access to settings or reports. You can add as many Viewers as you want.

Can I add or remove an agent anytime?

Yes, you can add or remove an agent account whenever you want.

What is your refund policy?

You can send your refund request at We’ll investigate your case individually.

Is there any discount available?

With an annual subscription, you’ll get a 20% discount for every agent.

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