Weronika Masternak
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updated: May 22, 2023

You can freely upload attachments to tickets so that they contain all the necessary information to bring the case to a resolution. In addition, you have control over whether to keep or delete them during or after your conversation with your recipient.

Uploading attachmentsLink icon

Attachments are stored in HelpDesk and can be accessed from the ticket interface. 

You can upload any file to your ticket — the format doesn’t matter here

However, there are limitations regarding the total size of the message. The total message size, including attachments, can be up to 10 MB

To upload an attachment, go to the ticket and click on the attachment icon.

Attachment icon in HelpDesk.

Select the file you want to send as an attachment to your ticket.

Uploading attachments in HelpDesk.

Your attachment has been successfully uploaded to the ticket.

Successful upload of the attachment in HelpDesk.

Now you can send another message with the attachment of your choice.

Sending a message with an attachment in HelpDesk.

Deleting attachments Link icon

To delete an attachment, hover the cursor over the desired attachment and click the trash can icon. 

Deleting attachments in HelpDesk.

Next, confirm that you want to delete the attachment.

Confirmation of the deletion of attachments in HelpDesk.

Your attachment has been successfully deleted from the ticket.

An attachment is deleted in HelpDesk.

You can’t delete attachments from signatures.
You can’t delete attachments from signatures.

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