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Teams love how
clear-cut HelpDesk is

HelpDesk logo Happy ticket character with a fitting backpack that allows it to make any moves quickly.

Clear, packed, and ready to roll

You can configure HelpDesk in minutes and enjoy a set of self-explanatory features you need every day. There are no unnecessary fillers or distractors, so you can work calmly and be fully focused on serving your customers.

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Too much to take
up at once

Advanced tools tend to go overboard. Freshdesk help desk has a lot of elements to set up, and that can be cumbersome. You're here to support, not to wonder if a feature is essential and will work properly for your purpose.

We’ve used Salesforce, Zendesk, Groove and others. With HelpDesk, we’re able to manage tickets in a clean and visually minimal environment.

Richard Eib, Monroe & Kent Home

Richard Eib from Monroe and Kent Home

Comparison of HelpDesk and Freshdesk for your consideration

If you can't decide which solution suits you, the chart below will make it easier.


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Free trial

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The highest ready-made plan


per agent/month


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Process automation

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24/7 chat assistance with every plan

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Default viewer role

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Real-time report refresh time

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CSAT surveys in every plan

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Integration with 3rd party products

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Team collaboration tools

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Security measures

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Ticket hiding behind a big and turned on switch. Ticket hiding behind a big and turned on switch.

Switching to HelpDesk from Freshdesk is simple!

We've made every effort to make data migration smooth for you. No worries, all correlations and the integrity of your data will be respected.

A simple solution for complex work

Fine-tune your HelpDesk in minutes, and you're all set to go.

HelpDesk application with four sections highlighted: Ticket info, Ticket source report, Requester, and Responsibility. Five sections from the HelpDesk app: Ticket info, Ticket source report, Requester, Top rated agents report and Responsibility.
One source with all emails that are managed by the ticket

Quick configuration

The setup process is super easy even for non-tech savvy people, so you can spend the saved hours on support.

Ticket tossing an envelope joyfully

Short learning curve

Your learning will be short and sweet. HelpDesk is intuitive to work with, so you know how to navigate from the very start.

Gears that automate the work and the ticket that's next to them

Easy to set up automation

Work efficiently, and solve tickets right away. Use robust and foolproof automation to speed up your work.

Ticket hiding behind the dashboard with the necessary data

Must-have features

Take care of your well-being, and stay focused. Use only the support tools that are suitable and relevant for you.

Two columns in the graph, which differ in height

Real-time reporting

Use the generated reports to make data-driven decisions and improve your support.

Ticket holding the document with the check list

Messages on the spot

Have all communication in one place. Send contextual and personalized answers to build customer trust.

Outstanding solo.
Evenbetterwhen combined.

Discover all of the complementary products for your customer service. Put them together and open the way to a top-notch customer experience.

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Support customers
with tickets

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Connect with customers

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Automate customer service with AI

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Guide and educate customers

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