Connect channels

Forward messages from your communication channels to HelpDesk

Contact forms

Contact form for your website

Learn how to create a contact form and embed it on your website.

Get messages from Contact Form 7 to HelpDesk

Embed Contact Form 7 in your WordPress account to receive messages from your website visitors.

Email forwarding

Enable external forwarding in Microsoft 365

Find out more about enabling external forwarding in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Office 365 email forwarding

Forward your emails from Office 365 to HelpDesk and convert them into tickets.

Forward your emails to HelpDesk and convert them into tickets

Learn how to set up email forwarding in your email service provider to manage the entire email communication in HelpDesk.

Microsoft Outlook email forwarding

Learn how to set up forwarding from Microsoft Outlook to HelpDesk.

Gmail (G Suite) email forwarding

Learn how to set up forwarding from G Suite/Gmail to HelpDesk.

Yahoo! email forwarding

Forward emails from Yahoo! Mail to HelpDesk.


Integrate HelpDesk with OpenWidget

Explore how to connect HelpDesk with OpenWidget, allowing visitors to easily submit contact requests, suggestions, and feedback using user-friendly forms.

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