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Guidelines on how to start using HelpDesk and create your first ticket

First steps in HelpDesk

3 simple steps to get started with HelpDesk

Discover how to start using HelpDesk as your ticket management tool.

LiveChat Accounts: a new way to log in to HelpDesk

The migration of all HelpDesk accounts to LiveChat Accounts it’s the first step to allow our users to log in to all of our products from one space without the need to switch.

HelpDesk settings

In the HelpDesk settings, you can manage your inboxes, tags, canned responses, and email notifications.

What is HelpDesk?

This article explains what HelpDesk is and how it can help you with organizing your emails.

HelpDesk: Sub-Processors

Check out the list of HelpDesk sub-processors.

Set basic settings

Agent signature

Add Agent signatures to add a personal touch to your ticket responses.

Install apps from the HelpDesk Marketplace

Learn more about the HelpDesk Marketplace, where you can install apps and grow your license with essential solutions.

Email template

Learn how you can edit the email template in HelpDesk to adjust it to your needs.

Managing multiple email addresses in HelpDesk

Learn how to add multiple email addresses to HelpDesk and create custom inboxes with automated rules.

Enable browser notifications

Learn how to enable browser notifications to be notified of any new ticket activity.

Set up the custom domain, forwarding address, and reply address

Learn how to set up the custom domain, forwarding address, and reply address.

Getting email messages to Apple Private Relay

Learn how to solve issues with hard bounces and configure Apple Private Relay.

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