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Connect with customers from any place and device and simplify your work

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Use the free 14-day trial

Start a free trial on the Business plan to test HelpDesk from the inside and then decide on the next steps. A credit card isn't required.

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Add free users

Invite your teammates to HelpDesk. Use the free Viewer role to pay only for users who actually manage customer tickets.

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Stay flexible with subscriptions

Change the number of agents at any time. Choose a Team plan, Business plan, or Enterprise solution to fit your current needs.

What is a cloud help desk?

A cloud help desk is a cloud-based customer support platform that centralizes and manages customer inquiries through support tickets. It streamlines case resolution, offers automation, and provides multichannel support. You can access it online, eliminating the need for an on-premises infrastructure.

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Cloud help desk works on any device

Support your customers using desktop, tablet, or mobile. Solve tickets even if you’re not at the office. Log in and access HelpDesk data wherever you are.

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Explore the benefits of a cloud help desk

See why a cloud infrastructure is the best choice for a digital service desk. Always maximize security and system stability to provide reliable support.

Lower your costs

Compared to on-site storage solutions, cloud computing is the most affordable option for a company of any size. Cut down on costs related to building your own help desk infrastructure.

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Instant access

Cloud-based software is available anywhere, anytime. Open your browser on any device and start solving tickets right away. With HelpDesk's web app, you can use desktop or mobile.

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Effortless maintenance

Enjoy an optimized ticketing experience as the software provider handles all maintenance. You don't have to install any updates, as you'll automatically receive the latest HelpDesk version every time you log in.

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Maximum security

HelpDesk uses a cloud infrastructure for extra security and instant backups. Your business data is encrypted and stored only in certified AWS data centers.

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Scale your business with ease

With a cloud-based infrastructure, the growing volume of customer messages isn't an issue! If you start receiving more messages than usual, HelpDesk will automatically adjust to your needs.

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Set up your HelpDesk for free

Explore all the features and invite your team. The first 14 days are on us

Cloud-based system Simple setup

Improve your online customer service with HelpDesk

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Store all messages in one place

Forward emails from customers to HelpDesk and manage your support processes easily. Create multiple inboxes and teams to divide the tasks between different departments.

Organize your support inbox

Quickly resolve customer queries

Use canned responses to respond quicker to tickets. Organize customer cases using ticket views, statuses, and priorities. Take advantage of automation to ensure the ticket is handed over to the right person.

Try customer service automation
Message from the customer with a refund request, followed by an automatic reply with the refund form

Automate customer service tasks

Try workflows for repetitive actions. The tasks you chose to automate will be done as usual but without your effort and focus. You're irreplaceable, so reduce unnecessary manual work and make great use of your time.

Try customer service automation
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Get your customers’ feedback

Let your customers tell you what they think about the quality of your support. Send custom feedback requests to build relationships with customers. Analyze feedback to learn what you can do to increase their satisfaction.

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Browse online reports in real time

Use data to improve your customer service. Analyze your team's performance and customer satisfaction. Look at the ticket heatmap to discover the times of the day your customers need your assistance the most.

Take a look at HelpDesk reports

Start with cloud-based HelpDesk in three simple steps

Easily set up a ticketing system to support your customers right away.

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​​Create your HelpDesk account

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​​Invite your teammates

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Forward email messages to HelpDesk

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Enable multichannel communication

Add the LiveChat integration to HelpDesk and see why tickets combined with chats are the most effective communication tools. Provide real-time support on chat and switch to tickets whenever needed.

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Invite your team and join the cloud-based ticketing and collaboration support system

Cloud-based system Simple setup

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