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Automate customer support operations and get a full understanding of cases without devoting time to in-depth analysis.

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Automate in seconds with templates (literally!)

Streamline your daily tasks on the go. Use the most popular pre-designed workflows. All are ready to be activated and working efficiently for you with a single click.

Create made-to-measure automations

Model automation from the ground up that fits your business. Choose from an available set of conditions and actions and see how significantly you can reduce customer service time. 

The minute you create the workflow, you can mark it as ready to go live, and it starts working for you.
Melissa Hannam,
the Director of Marketing at Valley Driving School

100+ 100+
tickets are handled within four hours through prioritization and tagging.

7,000 7,000
actions performed by workflows instead of agents.

Ticket summary for an overview of the entire case without scrolling

AI-powered feature

AI ticket summary

Access critical ticket details at a glance: subject, major issue, solution stage, and suggested next steps. This clarity empowers well-informed and efficient decision-making.

AI ticket summary in HelpDesk

Text enhancements for clearer and swifter communication

Popular feature

Adjust text tone

Amplify your brand's voice and let AI customize the message tone to match your unique style. Whether it's polite, formal, or casual, AI mirrors your and your customers' messaging.

Adjusting the text tone in HelpDesk with AI software.
Work booster

Expand any thoughts

If your response is too brief or organized in a way that flouts the rules of effective communication, you can effortlessly expand different content scenarios with a single click.

Expanding the text in HelpDesk.
Loved by agents

Improve grammar with ease

Awkward tones, grammar slip-ups, and spelling errors? Use AI to compose your messages flawlessly by providing instant solutions through crystal-clear written communication.

Correcting the text grammar in HelpDesk.

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Give real-time

Deliver instant assistance and auto-resolve simple and the more sophisticated tickets with ready-made automations.

Promise 100%

Get prompt feedback on your support quality. Work on the overall satisfaction and positive interaction experience.

Be on time with

How quickly you respond to new messages really matters. Follow the industry average ticket resolution time to hit the best metrics.

What AI features will appear in the HelpDesk software next?

Coming soon

Language detection

Automatically identify ticket languages to route them to the right agents, breaking down language barriers for global support.

Coming soon

Auto-response with suggested answers

Instantly acknowledge any ticket and then choose from suggested responses for quick, personalized customer interactions.

Learn more about modern AI-based customer support

NLP, or Natural Language Processing, is a technology that enables computers to understand and interact with human language. In customer support, NLP can be seen in action through chatbots that can understand and respond to customer queries in real time.

For example, when a customer asks a chatbot about an order status, NLP helps the system understand their question and provide an accurate response, enhancing the support experience.

GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a cutting-edge language model that has found applications in customer support. GPT-powered chatbots can engage in more natural and contextually relevant conversations with customers.

Chatbots can provide detailed explanations, troubleshooting steps, and even generate personalized responses. This technology ensures that customers receive accurate information and solutions promptly.

AI employs sophisticated algorithms to understand and generate human-like responses. By analyzing the plain language used by customers, AI systems interpret the intent behind their questions and provide relevant solutions. This approach eliminates the need for complex jargon and allows customers to communicate in a way that feels familiar.

Yes, it is. HelpDesk software's safety is based on factors like regular updates, strong access controls, encryption, user permissions, audit logs, data backups, third-party integrations, security testing, compliance, and incident response plans.

NLU, or Natural Language Understanding, takes NLP a step further by allowing machines to comprehend the nuances of language. In customer care, NLU enables systems to understand the intent behind customer queries.

For instance, if a customer expresses frustration, NLU helps the system identify the sentiment and respond appropriately, showing empathy and improving satisfaction.

Modeling in customer support involves training AI algorithms to understand and mimic human-like interactions.

For instance, AI models can be trained on historical customer interactions to learn how to address various issues effectively. When a person presents an issue, the AI model uses its training to generate responses that align with how a human agent would assist, ensuring consistent and helpful support interactions.

Statistics form the backbone of AI-based support hub. The AI systems are trained on vast datasets, which include historical customer interactions and their outcomes. By analyzing these statistics quickly, AI learns how to predict the most appropriate responses for different customer queries, enhancing the accuracy of the support provided.

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