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Work with tickets

Archive, Trash, and Spam folders

Learn how to use the Archive, Trash, and Spam folders to categorize and organize tickets.

Record the screen in response

Learn how to record your screen to respond to a customer with a video.

Create custom fields

Learn how to create custom fields to detail your tickets.

Spam list

Manage spam and learn how to add email addresses and domains to Trusted or Blocked lists.

Differences between followers and people in the loop

Use teams to structure agents in your customer service process.

Ticket dashboard guide

Discover how to work on tickets and manage them in a simple way.

Email delivery tracking

Monitor the delivery of email messages that you're sending. Learn if the message has been read by the recipient.

Use AI text enhancements

Learn how to use AI text enhancements and be quicker in everyday conversations.

Following a ticket

Check out how useful is the following feature in the process of solving and supervising a ticket.

What are canned responses in HelpDesk

Prepare predefined messages to answer your customers' questions quicker.

HelpDesk reports

Browse the HelpDesk reports to find valuable insights and analyze your customer feedback.

What are statuses

Learn how to use statuses that will help you determine which tickets need your attention.

How do my clients see the messages sent from HelpDesk?

HelpDesk converts your emails into tickets. However, the messages sent from HelpDesk look like standard emails.

What are tags and how to use them

Use tags to organize and categorize your tickets.

How to create a ticket

Learn how to create a new ticket in the HelpDesk app.

What are ticket priorities

What are ticket priorities and how to use them? Start adding value to your tickets and organize support cases.

How to delete a ticket

Learn how to permanently delete tickets from HelpDesk.

What is ticket rating

Ticket rating helps you gather feedback from your customers.

How to merge tickets

Learn how to merge your tickets in HelpDesk.

What’s in "All tickets"

Browse the All Tickets section to get an overview of the customer support

How to use private notes

Use private notes to collaborate with your teammates in HelpDesk.

What’s in "My open tickets"

Browse the "My open tickets" section to find the tickets that need your attention.

Inline images

Add images to your messages and signature to create brand identity and help your customers better.

What’s in "Tickets to handle"

Find all the open tickets in the "Tickets to handle" section.

People in the loop

Find out how to add more message recipients. Learn how to properly use the "People in the loop" field.

Why are my tickets marked as Spam?

Learn why your tickets are unintentionally marked as spam and how to avoid it.

Automate your work

Advanced settings for automated workflows

Create more advanced and sophisticated automated workflows in HelpDesk.

What are "My Views"

Learn how to save a set of filters as a custom view that you can easily access from the ticket navigation bar.

HelpDesk automated workflows

Learn how to create automated workflows in HelpDesk.

Workflow templates

Learn how to use workflow templates and avoid creating workflows from scratch.

How to use filters

Use filters to customize your tickets view.

Manage your team

Collision detection in a ticket

Learn what collision detection is so your team can work in a sustainable way.

Roles in HelpDesk

Discover the roles you can assign to the HelpDesk users.

Create and manage agent accounts

Learn how to add agents in HelpDesk and manage their accounts.

What are teams

Use teams to structure agents in your customer service process.

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