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HelpDesk - help desk software for business

Ticket sources

Customers want to contact you whenever they are. They can send you an email, start a chat on a website, or fill in a contact form.

All these questions appear in your help desk as tickets. You can provide customer support using one app (web and mobile) which makes request management an easy task.

HelpDesk - ticket sources

Team collaboration

HelpDesk is a service desk software designed for collaboration. Your team uses a single app for your customer problem resolution. Support staff can work together to see what customers ask for and send private notes to help each other.

HelpDesk - team collaboration

Ticket tags

Tags are essential for any help desk management process. They let you see the frequency of particular customers’ problems.

For example, if 70% of your tickets are tagged as "shipment problem", you may prepare a knowledge base article explaining shipment in more details. Such self-service articles should lower the number of your customer support enquiries.

HelpDesk - ticket tags

Customer satisfaction

Use ticket ratings to improve your customer relationship management. Our help desk software lets you know if customers are happy with the provided service. Read tickets that are rated bad to improve your customer support quality.

HelpDesk - customer satisfaction

Reporting and analytics

Customer support statistics is an essential role of our SaaS help desk. You can measure performance of your agents, see how many tickets are solved and if your customers are satisfied.

HelpDesk - reporting and analytics

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