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Data migration

LiveChat integration: Add LiveChat agents to Helpdesk

Learn how to copy agents' accounts from LiveChat to HelpDesk.

LiveChat integration: Import data from LiveChat to HelpDesk

Learn how to import tickets, agents, groups, tags, and canned responses from LiveChat to HelpDesk.


Integrating HelpDesk with Shopify

Learn how to integrate your Shopify store with HelpDesk to track ecommerce customer flow.

Migrate your data from other ticketing system to HelpDesk

Learn how you can migrate data from your previous ticketing system to HelpDesk and what can be migrated.

Integrating HelpDesk with Zapier

Learn how to integrate your HelpDesk account with Zapier to streamline your workflow through automation.

Zendesk Chat: Forwarding chat transcripts to HelpDesk

Learn how to connect Zendesk Chat and HelpDesk tickets.

LiveChat integration: Manage emails and chats in one application

Combine LiveChat with HelpDesk to work with chats and customer messages in the same place.

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