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HelpDesk prioritizes security and privacy

Explore the available features and measures that bring you the highest level of protection.

Secure connection

HelpDesk employs a 256-bit secure SSL connection that encrypts data transmitted between users and our servers, minimizing the risk of interception or manipulation.

Data safety

HelpDesk software complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and holds a Privacy Shield certification, ensuring strict information protection standards.

Audit log

The Enterprise solution offers an audit log feature that tracks and logs all users' activities within the system, providing you with transparency and accountability.

24/7 security assistance

The expert support team is essential to our Enterprise solution, offering guidance on implementing security measures and best practices to protect your organization.

Built-in anti-spam protection

HelpDesk provides robust anti-spam protection. The system uses partner servers with cryptographic signatures to prevent emails from being flagged as spam.

Non-invasive email forwarding

We emphasize data integrity and respect your email settings. That's why only copies of messages are forwarded to HelpDesk, so the originals remain safe in your inbox.

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Free 14-day trial Secure messaging Non-invasive features

Free 14-day trial Secure messaging Non-invasive features

Messaging security and privacy in HelpDesk

Focus on delivering excellent support, knowing that your conversations and data are protected in a secure ticketing system.

End-to-end encryption

Use a secure HelpDesk that provides cutting-edge encryption to protect messages and files sent from your device to the intended recipient. Ensure confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access.

Role-based access control

Assign specific roles and permissions to people in your organization using our role-based access control feature. Only authorized staff can access specific information, increasing the overall security of your support infrastructure.

Secure data storage

Securely store your data in HelpDesk, using industry best practices to protect it from unauthorized access, breaches, or loss. All sensitive information is safe and easily accessible in one place when you need it.

Legal compliance

Easily comply with your organization's legal obligations and industry standards with HelpDesk, designed to meet various compliance requirements, such as the well-known GDPR.

Managing HelpDesk is really easy for both me as a manager and the agents. They only have to go to one place to communicate.
Melissa Hannam
the Director of Marketing at Valley Driving School
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Benefits of a secure service desk

Explore the benefits of implementing the security-protected ticketing app and see how it can empower your customer communications.

Improved customer

Centralize all your customer communications. Respond more smoothly, offer personalized assistance, and seamlessly resolve cases without the risk of data leakage or dispersion.

Enhanced security

Protect customer data with a secure help desk featuring strong encryption, advanced access control, and frequent security updates to guarantee information confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Achieve unprecedented scalability with a secure, future-proof help desk solution tailored to meet evolving security needs. Seamlessly manage the growing volume of tickets with unmatched efficiency.


Streamline ticket management, and automate and distribute tasks fairly with a secure solution that reduces costly manual work mistakes. Enjoy enhanced operations without compromising security.

Securely handle all customer conversations in HelpDesk

Free 14-day trial Secure messaging Non-invasive features

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