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Organize your
entire customer communication

Illustration: Well-organized mailbox

In HelpDesk, you can easily manage emails from customers. Create teams, assign tickets to the right people. Everyone is up to date, and all the open cases are in one place.

Save time with ticket management tools

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Use tags, canned responses, and private notes to speed up your workflow. Automate repetitive tasks, win back time, and increase your productivity.

Communicate in
a friendly way

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In your HelpDesk emails, there are no templates or footers saying that a ticketing system is involved. Your customers will see friendly support emails, not automated ticket responses.

Build meaningful relationships with your customers

Illustration: Two happy people - support agent and customer

Provide faster support, but make sure that your messages are contextual and to the point. Browse customer details and history to understand your customers better.

Use any device
you like

Illustration: Different electronic devices - mobile and desktop

HelpDesk works on any device, on any browser. You can choose what’s the most convenient for you, and HelpDesk will adapt to your choice.

Improve customer satisfaction

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Your customers can give you feedback using ticket ratings. You can analyze your agents’ performance and find clues on how to further improve your customer support.

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A ticketing system with one plan
that includes all features

Improved teamwork with collaboration tools

An online ticketing system encourages cooperation within your team. Every agent has access to features that improve their daily work. Your team saves time, and your customers get more attention.

Teams in HelpDesk

All the details you need in the ticket feed

You don’t have to deal with endless email threads anymore. You have a structured ticketing system that allows you to focus on providing the best quality of responses. Statuses help you keep track of every case.

Private notes in HelpDesk

Better feedback management with tags

Top ticket management systems offer convenient tagging options. Your team can identify areas for improvement and your strongest assets. Resolved support tickets are also valuable pieces of information for your product development teams.

Tagging in HelpDesk

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Ticketing system for small
and medium-sized businesses

Smaller companies will see multiple benefits when they implement a ticketing system. A help desk system can automate many support tasks. Your team can then tackle more customer requests and focus on improving customer satisfaction.

Having a ticket management system in place is like having an additional employee that helps you manage the workload.

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Ticketing system for enterprise

In a big organization with a considerable number of employees, the customer service efforts need to be consistent and standardized. That’s why an efficient ticket management system is necessary for organizing the workflow.

Enterprise ticketing solutions need to be secure and stable. The highest level of data protection is a crucial element that improves brand credibility. Provide the best help desk services and keep your data safe.

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What is a ticketing system?

Ticketing system is a software that converts messages from your customers into manageable tickets. All the emails and requests from customers are structured in one simplified view.

Tickets list

Ticket view

Creating a ticket

HelpDesk ticketing system all tickets view

An online ticketing system helps to optimize the customer support workflow. You can prioritize, assign and manage your support tickets.

This type of customer service software is designed to empower collaboration and improve the quality of your customer support. You have all the information about your customers’ struggles in one place.

Every agent can log into their own account, access the system, and start working on the tasks that are assigned to them.

Every person knows what they should focus on. You can be sure that your customers get all the support they need with any IT issues and sales questions.

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