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new features

The AI text enhancements in the message area in HelpDesk.

AI text enhancements

Write your initial message, select the text, and then extend it, correct it, or make it more polite, formal, or casual in seconds using the AI feature.

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Multiple email templates

Customize and create multiple email templates for each of your teams. Improve the look and feel of your messages in the replying process.

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Multiple email templates in HelpDesk

Custom fields

Create custom fields to detail your tickets with additional requester information that's helpful for your work.

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Custom Fields view in HelpDesk

ticket management system

Stay focused and task-oriented

Use one easy-to-navigate and feature-rich dashboard to work in an organized and timely manner.

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Ticketing management in HelpDesk Ticketing management system in help desk
Managers' favorite

Statuses and priorities

Use a convenient data set to differentiate support cases as you learn more about your recipient.

CRM features

Tags and custom fields

Detail your tickets with descriptive tags and configurable custom fields to reflect the actual situation.

Rich text message area

Shape your final message using text formatting, links, images, attachments, or even screen recordings.

Archive, Spam, and Trash

Use the available folders to keep your dashboard clean and filled with only relevant messages.

ticketing system automation

Automate your work with a few clicks

Use a foolproof automated ticketing system to speed up your support actions and leave the manual work behind.

Only in HelpDesk

Automated workflows

Click out your automations and cut out repetitive and labor-intensive case processing tasks.

Work booster

Canned responses

Save the most common responses and reuse them when needed to shift attention to more complex cases.

Bulk actions

Perform large-scale support handling tasks and speed up work during basic ticket detailing.

Automation-focused integrations

Use Zapier, an external automation tool, to connect HelpDesk to over 3,000 apps. Take incident management to the next level.

Help desk automations

teamwork in a cloud-based ticketing system

Tackle support cases together

Use one software to work easily from different places and at different times, but always as a team with a common goal.

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Team collaboration in help desk app
Best for teamwork

Ticket assignment

Share support responsibilities fairly and according to your department, skills and experience.

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Collision detection

Respect each other's time and avoid multiple users working on the same case with a collision detector.

Multidisciplinary teams

Unite your skillful co-workers into teams and assign them one of three roles: agent, admin, or viewer.

Mentioning and followers

Secretly mention your teammate in the ticket so they can become a follower and assist you with the case.

It's really great because instead of having to open my inbox, I can see everything at a glance. I can log into one place, view all my agents, and do a pretty quick review.

Melissa Hannam
Director of Marketing at Valley Driving School

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Over 100 tickets are handled within four hours through prioritization and tagging.


A single automated workflow has performed the work of agents over 7,000 times.

Valley Driving School Valley Driving School

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ticketing analytics and reporting

See how you did along the way

Browse visual reports to gain an in-depth understanding of individual and team performance and better yourself.

Ticketing analytics in HelpDesk
Quantitative data

Five different reports

Learn the whole truth about your on-the-job performance and plan a growth strategy for your team.

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Weekly summary reports

Stay up to date and get an overview of your team's achievements in a single message.

Quantitative data

Feedback request

Review the collected feedback and see if you've met your goal of fulfilling the recipient's expectations.

Shareable results

Report generation

Export a handy report of different time ranges and share successes with your fellow company members.

end-to-end system personalization

Add a personal and branded touch
to messaging

Keep your communication sharp, whether you're a local business, a mid-sized organization, or an enterprise.

Easy configuration

Custom domain and reply address

Set up a domain and reply address of your choice to increase the credibility of responses.

Work booster

Personal and shared views

Organize your work and that of your teammates by easily filtering the tickets you need to be on hand.

Profile customization


Create your personal signature to be automatically added to responses and build trust with the recipient.

Multiple email templates

Personalize your communications and fully customize the visual appearance of the messages you send.

communication management

Be swift and helpful with
each answer

Take excellent care of your recipients and always be one step ahead with your response.

Communication management in help desk app
CRM booster

Relationship and ticket history

View the data-rich ticket details, which show all the ins and outs during your case resolution process.

Best for teamwork

Private notes

Switch to private mode to document your findings on a case or add quick notes for your teammates.

People in the loop

Reach multiple recipients and keep them informed by adding them to the loop in the message.

Browser notifications

Get browser notifications for updates related to messages, private notes, and assignments.

multichannel support

Create the communication hub to
be on top of things

Keep every customer message at your fingertips by bringing multiple digital channels together in one place.

WordPress supported

Contact forms

Be approachable and give your website visitors an intuitive contact form they can fill out within minutes.


Set up multiple email addresses so that copies of your messages go straight to one ticketing system.

Social media channels

Organize your daily conversations on social media channels in HelpDesk. No more switching around!

Full customization

Integrations and API

Use our extensive API docs to build your technology stack with the IT ticket system at the very center.


Prolong the journey started with a ChatBot conversation through a ticket managed by your team.

Live chats

Connect LiveChat or other live chat solutions to create a manageable ticket from any real-time chat.

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