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How to create contact form in HelpDesk

Installation view

Install the plugin

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard. Then, navigate to plugins and search for Contact Form 7. Finally, install and activate it.

Creating contact form view

Create your first contact form

Customize the contact form to your requirements by adding or removing HelpDesk custom fields, changing labels, and using the HelpDesk forwarding address.

Adding form to website view

Add the form to your website

Copy the shortcode and paste it where you want the form to appear. Save and view your website to ensure the form is displayed as expected.

Benefits of adding Contact Form 7 to your website

Integration of HelpDesk ticketing system with Contact Form 7

Easy to set up

Use the intuitive form builder, allowing beginners to quickly and easily create functional contact forms without coding.

Absolutely free

Get Contact Form 7 for free and enjoy continuous upgrades with open-source excellence backed by a robust community of developers.

Tailor-made for your needs

Design, tweak, and transform forms to perfectly fit your website's vibe and then place it anywhere with handy shortcodes.

Plays well with others

Contact Form 7 works seamlessly with a multitude of other WordPress plugins for enhanced functionality and flexibility.

Gives you mail control

Customize content, set auto-responders, and ensure every message hits the right spot.

Connects perfectly with HelpDesk

Enrich your contact form with custom fields for additional ticket, requester, and organization details, including order specifics, contact ID, requester's website, delivery date, age, shipping address, deal value, and more.

Frequently asked questions about the Contact Form 7 integration

Can Contact Form 7 be integrated with other services like Mailchimp or Salesforce?

Yes, Contact Form 7 can be integrated with various services like Mailchimp, Salesforce, and others using additional plugins or extensions.

Is Contact Form 7 responsive and mobile-friendly?

Yes, Contact Form 7 is designed to be responsive and works well on mobile devices. However, the responsiveness also depends on your WordPress theme's compatibility.

How do I add custom fields to my Contact Form 7 form?

You can add custom fields by editing the form template in the Contact Form 7 interface. You can add text fields, email fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more.

Can Contact Form 7 handle file uploads?

Yes, Contact Form 7 supports file uploads. You can add a file upload field to your form and specify the types of files allowed.

How do I stop spam submissions in Contact Form 7?

You can integrate CAPTCHA solutions like reCAPTCHA or use the Akismet plugin to reduce spam submissions.

Can Contact Form 7 forms be translated into different languages?

Yes, Contact Form 7 supports multilingual forms. You can use plugins like WPML or Polylang to create forms in various languages.

Make your WordPress website more assistive

Boost the user-friendliness of your WordPress website by integrating Contact Form 7. Such a form makes it easy for visitors to contact you and helps keep every conversation neat and sorted in HelpDesk.

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