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Ease your customer service with workflow management

Time is money, so why spend it on manual tasks? Set up condition- and action-based HelpDesk workflows to manage daily communications and optimize your resources.

Select conditions

Identify situations that should trigger you to respond swiftly. Then, specify your condition statements using the drop-down lists with multi-level logical operators and custom values.

Conditions in HelpDesk app

Define actions

Think of actions that are repetitive or involve manual work. Then, select the relevant actions from the drop-down list. They'll be performed automatically when all conditions are met.

Automatic actions in HelpDesk app

Track the time saved

Look at the counters that show the tasks done for you. See how much time you save. Automate solving any complex customer cases while maintaining overall control.

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Automated help desk software frees up your time

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Save time by setting up custom HelpDesk workflows

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Everyday customer service work simplified

HelpDesk automation backs you up on your daily tasks, so you can stay at peak performance, even if the ticket volume goes up. Customize your business workflows to be in tune with your work style.

Lay a solid foundation! Embrace macros before moving to workflows

Embrace a streamlined workday with a single click. Use macros to effortlessly run pre-set and fully controlled actions on tickets. Tailor-made for individual or team use, macros boost your efficiency, making daily tasks more manageable.

Create macros
Macros in HelpDesk ticketing system

Get tickets into the right hands in seconds

Smartly assign tickets to agents based on their skills, department, or specific area of interest. Use automated ticket assignments to balance your workload and bring a sense of ownership. Greatly reduce customer wait times for qualified agent support.

Start auto-assigning agents

Bring exceptional support to VIP customers

Use HelpDesk workflows to provide top-notch service for VIP tickets. Configure them to set an urgent priority, assign a success manager, or add senior executives to a follower list. Efficiently escalate VIP tickets so they're always routed to the agent first.

Provide VIP customer service

Categorize customer cases automatically

Equip your tickets with descriptive tags that your team can follow as they work. Tags can be added based on the ticket content, type, or source, as well as the customer type or expertise needed to address the case. Use these bite-sized labels to report case details and stay organized.

Start auto-tagging tickets

Stay connected effortlessly

Show your proactive approach to every customer case. If there's been no activity from your customer over the last few days, send them a follow-up message of your choice to show that you care. Stay in touch with your customers with minimal effort by doing it automatically.

Send follow-up messages

Smartly prioritize tickets based on their content

Automatically prioritize tickets to reflect their urgency level and resolution ranking order. Your tickets can get priority based on a requester's email address, supporting tags, time since last response, or the exact words used in the message showing that the case is urgent.

Start auto-prioritizing cases
Workflows are definitely one of the bonuses of using HelpDesk. Already some of our workflows have been used over 2,000 times each, and the time and effort savings are incredible!
Melissa Hannam,
Valley Driving School
Melissa Hannam, Valley Driving School

One click away from advanced workflow management

Need to automate your work on the fly? You can be set up online in minutes. Use the ready-made business workflow templates to start quickly.

Other features to speed up your work

Save canned responses

Your canned responses can range from a brief tip to detailed "how-to" instructions. Recall them with a single click during a conversation with a customer.

Screenshot of Canned responses in the HelpDesk application

Create custom views

Use a combination of filters and save your results as a dedicated ticket view. Organize your work and have all the relevant tickets always at hand.

Screenshot of custom views in the HelpDesk app.

Perform bulk actions

Save your time and perform bulk ticket actions based on selected criteria. Quit updating tickets one by one and make changes to dozens of them at once.

Bulk actions in HelpDesk app


Create private or shared macros and easily update tickets with pre-set actions, all with just one click. Take a step toward greater productivity.

Macros in the HelpDesk app

Grow your HelpDesk account

Integrate HelpDesk with the external software and tools you use every day to give your best. Create your own automated customer service hub.

Integrrations in HelpDesk app


Check out recommended and well-received integrations that you can have right away. Browse the list with integrations, plugins, and add-ons, choose the ones that suit your business, and streamline your daily work.

Explore integrations
HelpDesk API


API documentation gives you many opportunities to create custom integrations. Connect your digital solutions, mirror the entire workflow, and build your technology stack around HelpDesk.

Read API docs

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