ChatBot integration: Support your customers with chatbots

Weronika Masternak
1 min read
updated: Oct 23, 2023

Integrate HelpDesk with ChatBotLink icon

ChatBot delivers amazing support when it comes to engaging, nurturing, qualifying, and converting your customers. It can work for you around the clock and never needs a break. Try it out in your customer service process and become even more proactive.

A chatbot window on a website.

If you want to integrate HelpDesk with ChatBot, you first need to have an active ChatBot account. Right now, we’re offering a 14-day ChatBot trial.

How to set up a chatbot Link icon

Go to the ChatBot Help Center article for comprehensive instructions on properly setting up your first ChatBot story, which includes creating HelpDesk tickets.

ChatBot help center article about ChatBot integration with HelpDesk.

Here you’ll learn how to create effective ChatBot stories and flows. 

Exemplary ChatBot flow.

All tickets created with ChatBot will appear on your main HelpDesk dashboard as new tickets.

A ticket that was created with ChatBot on the main dashboard in HelpDesk.

Also, when you go to the “Ticket details” section and look at the “Ticket info” part, you can see that the ticket source is a chatbot.

A ticket source pointing to ChatBot as the source.

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