Integrate HelpDesk with Webflow

Weronika Masternak
2 min read
updated: Jun 26, 2024

Integrating your Webflow contact form with the HelpDesk ticketing system lets you streamline customer inquiries directly into your HelpDesk queue. This setup ensures that every form submission on your Webflow site is automatically sent to your HelpDesk system as a new ticket.

Step 1: Configure your Webflow contact formLink icon

The contact form component added to the Webflow page is necessary for this integration to work.For more information, follow the instructions for setting up a contact form on the official Webflow website.

Step 2: Install the HelpDesk app for the Webflow accountLink icon

  1. Go to the Webflow dashboard with all sites and select “Apps & Integrations.”

Accessing the “Apps & Integration” settings in Webflow.

Select “Find an App” and search for HelpDesk in the list of all possible applications and integrations.

Finding the HelpDesk app in Webflow.

Use the search bar to find HelpDesk.

Using the search bar in Webflow.

After installing HelpDesk for your Webflow account, it’s time to go through the process of installing HelpDesk for the selected site. 

Step 3: Install HelpDesk for the selected Webflow siteLink icon

  1. Scroll down to HelpDesk in the “Apps & Integrations” list and click “Install.”

Installation of HelpDesk for the selected Webflow site.

  1. Select the Webflow page whose contact form you want to integrate with HelpDesk using the search bar. 

Installation of HelpDesk for the selected Webflow site – site selected.

  1. Create a new HelpDesk account dedicated to the selected Webflow site. You can start with a free 14-day trial.

Creating a HelpDesk account.

  1. Allow Webflow to access your HelpDesk account.

Authorizing Webflow to access the HelpDesk account.

  1. Go through HelpDesk onboarding to customize your account and make good use of it. 

HelpDesk onboarding process.

Step 4: Test your HelpDesk and Webflow integrationLink icon

  1. Submit a test entry.

Fill out the contact form on your Webflow site as a user would, and submit it.

Submitting the first contact form to test the HelpDesk and Webflow integration.

Submitting the first contact form to test the HelpDesk and Webflow integration – successful submission.

  1. Check your HelpDesk account.

Log in to your HelpDesk and check if the test entry appears as a new ticket. If not, review the forwarding settings to ensure everything is entered correctly.

A new HelpDesk ticket created from a submitted Webflow contact form.

A new HelpDesk ticket created from a submitted Webflow contact form – ticket details.

Additional tipsLink icon

  • Ensure that the field names on your Webflow form are clearly defined so that the information is correctly sorted when tickets are created in HelpDesk.
  • Verify that your domain’s SPF and DKIM settings include HelpDesk to improve email deliverability.
  • Consider setting up additional automations in HelpDesk to tag and sort incoming tickets from Webflow. This can help manage responses effectively.

Following these steps, you can direct all queries from your Webflow contact form into your HelpDesk ticketing system, improving your response times and customer service management.

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