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Here’s what you get with a free help desk trial

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Unlimited number of agents

Invite your teammates, and test HelpDesk software together. Add as many users as you want, and improve your customer service process.

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Unlimited access to all the HelpDesk features

Use collaboration tools, speed up your response time with canned responses. Browse reports to see trends and gain new insights. Improve feedback management with tags.

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Direct contact with the product development team

Share your feedback, and we’ll do our best to make your wishes come true. Let us know what you like and how we can improve our ticketing tool.

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24/7 help desk support

Anytime you have a question, you can get your answer right away. Contact our support team on chat, we’re online 24/7.

Simple design combined with powerful features

HelpDesk shows you an overview of all your tickets. You can easily see what's happening in your customer support. HelpDesk comes with integrated reports that can give you additional insights into your current results. Use HelpDesk's features to make your email management easier and improve your customer service.

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Get better results in customer service

Keep all messages
in one place

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Manage all the emails from your customers in a well-structured ticketing system. Your HelpDesk’s ticket dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your current workload. Make project management easier with HelpDesk.

Speed up your
response time

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Introduce automation to your customer support. Answer any request faster using HelpDesk's canned responses. Use collaboration tools to communicate with your teammates within the app, give hints, or share files.

Increase sales with
contextual answers

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Give more precise answers to your customers’ requests using ticket history and customer details. Make your customers happy with the information you provide, and increase brand loyalty. Build positive relationships with your customer base, and drive more sales.

Skip the install with
web-based HelpDesk

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Laptop, mobile, tablet – HelpDesk works on any device. You don’t have to download any apps. Access your tickets directly within your browser. Log in, and start working with tickets – it’s as easy as that. HelpDesk uses advanced privacy and information security solutions. Your data is safely stored in the cloud, only in certified data centers.

Easy-to-use help desk system for any budget

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Hassle-free setup

Check how simple it is to start with HelpDesk. Keep using your current email address or start with your brand new HelpDesk address. Add new users, and build your team in HelpDesk.

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User-friendly platform

HelpDesk is designed to simplify your workflow. Step-by-step onboarding and self-service Help Center will guide you through the product.

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Affordable subscription plan

Transparent subscription and fixed price per user after your free trial. No hidden costs. Try HelpDesk for free, and decide later.

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No commitment

Cancel for free, anytime. You can always adjust the number of users to your current needs. Choose monthly billing for flexibility or annual subscription with only one payment per year.

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For every user, we guarantee a free HelpDesk trial for 14 days. However, we know that different companies have different needs. If your trial is over, but you still need some time to test HelpDesk, let us know! We’ll be happy to learn more about your business case and find a solution for you.

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