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Weronika Masternak
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updated: Feb 28, 2024

Workflows are a whole lot of possibilities, and if you have any development experience, you can use them in more advanced ways to meet your business needs.

Safe workflowsLink icon

By default, each workflow can only be executed once per ticket unless the system considers the workflow to be “safe.”

A safe workflow is a workflow that:

  • Contains at least one “safe” condition. This is related to workflows where all conditions must be met.
  • Every condition in the workflow is “safe.” This is related to workflows where any condition must be met.

The safe conditions are as follows:

  • Ticket created
  • Status changed
  • Priority Changed
  • Agent Changed
  • Team Changed
  • New message contains
  • Tag: has been added
  • Tag: has been removed
  • Follower: has been added
  • Follower: has been removed

Also, the “Time passed since” condition is also a safe condition, but only if both conditions in the table below are met:

Safe conditions in HelpDesk.

When creating a workflow in HelpDesk, you can use tags as variables in the “Send Message” action. This way, for example, you can set up your workflow that will execute different language versions of a message depending on the tag.

Tags used as variables in HelpDesk. The first example in the workflow creation process.

Tags used as variables in HelpDesk. The second example in the workflow creation process.

How to use tag variables?Link icon

Type tag variables into Moustache templates.

  • {{#tag.tagName}} {{/tag.tagName}} → for regular tag names
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  • {{#tag.tag_Name}} {{/tag.tag_Name}} → for tag name with a space sign ( _ should be typed instead of space)
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  • {{#tag.tagID}} {{/tag.tagID}} → for tags with specific names that cannot be typed using the previous methods
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Read more about Moustache templates.

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