What are "My Views"

Aneta Szotek
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updated: Oct 10, 2019

Tags and filters are useful tools when it comes to finding specific groups of tickets. In HelpDesk, you can create your own sets of filters, and save them as ‘My Views.’ Then, you’ll be able to access them quickly in the left ticket navigation bar.

How to create a custom view

Choose the filters in the general ticket view. You can choose from the following parameters: creation date, last activity, status, agent, assignment, team, tag, and rating. Click the ‘Save view…’ button.

Filters in custom views

Enter the view name, and click the ‘Create’ button.

New view creation

You’ll see your custom view in the ticket navigation bar on the left.

My views in ticket navigaton bar

How to manage views

Click ‘Manage’ next to ‘My views’ in the ticket navigation bar. This action takes you to the ‘Settings’ section.

Managing the view

In this section, you can see all your views, the filter they are based on, and their creation date. You can also edit or delete your views.

Settings for my views

How to change the set of filters for an existing view

To modify the filters that are used for a particular view, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ticket dashboard.
  2. Open the view (click its name in the left navigation bar).
  3. Modify the filters using a dropdown menu above the ticket. Click the ‘Save view…’ button and then ‘Modify current view.’ The changes will be automatically applied.

Modify current view option

How to share my view?

Some views are essential for the whole team to achieve their goals. In the process of creating a view, admin can decide whether to share it or not.

To share the view during the view creation process, click the ‘Save as shared view’ option.

Saving view as shared view

You can also share the view during editing in the ‘Settings’ section. Go to the ‘Settings’ section, choose ‘My views’ category, and click on the ‘Edit’ button in the selected view.

Editing a view to change it as a shared view

To check the shared views, go to the Settings and choose ‘My views’ category. You will see a list with your custom views and shared views.

Checking the shared views

Why is there a warning next to my view’s name?

When you see an exclamation mark next to the view’s name, it means that a tag that was used to create it had been removed.

It looks like this:

Warning - tags removed

To fix this issue, remove this tag or change the set of filters, and click on the ‘Save view…’ button and then ‘Modify current view.

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