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Weronika Masternak
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updated: Apr 3, 2023

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and maintain security on multiple levels, such as technical, operational, and legal. To ensure this, we use certain Sub-Processors, so-called third-party processing tools.

HelpDesk is a property of LiveChat Inc.

Our product meets GDPR requirements.

HelpDesk’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Below you can find a copy of the list of LiveChat, Inc.’s third-party service providers (“Sub-Processors”) with access to end-users’ data within customer’s account.

Infrastructure and storageLink icon

LiveChat, Inc. does not provide its own storage centers and uses Sub-Processors delivering reliable infrastructure to maintain data storage. (For more info check our Data Storage and Hosting Policy).

We use Sub-Processors that facilitate document storage to enable fact and safe documents signing upon customer’s requests. LiveChat, Inc. delivers four products to numerous customers - we use CRMs to organize customers’ data.

  1. Amazon Web Services LLC – file storage through Amazon AWS product
  2. Dropbox, Inc. – storage of documents
  3. Google, LLC – email services, internal docs storage
  4. IBM (server provider) – server provider, CDN provider
  5. Jira (Atlassian product)  – maintain tasks
  6. Cloudflare - DNS provider

Communication and support servicesLink icon

We employ tools that help us to maintain communication both internally and with our customers/trial users or potential customers.

  1. Google, LLC – email services, internal docs storage
  2. Wildbit, LLC – email services through the Postmark product

AI ServicesLink icon

We use Sub-Processors that enhance conversations through the usage of AI models.

  1. OpenAI, L.P. - conversation enhancement

User feedback and work optimizationLink icon

We’re constantly improving our products to fit our customers’ needs. That’s why we use tools that help us to collect and organize data about our product performance.

  1. Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc. – community forum platform
  2. FullStory, Inc. – customer experience optimization (analytics engine)
  3. OÜ Qualitista - customer experience optimization  

If you want to see full lists of our sub-processors (not only sub-processors with access to end-users data), you can reach us at

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