You're on Your Way to Great Support: The Best Customer Service Companies in 2024

Zuzanna Bocian

Zuzanna Bocian

13 min read
Apr 30, 2024

We live in a world where technology constantly evolves and changes how we interact with businesses. The importance of providing excellent customer service cannot be overstated. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, it has become increasingly crucial for companies to prioritize exceptional customer service.

Excellent customer service

Why do you need good customer service?

Businesses across all industries now require good customer service as a fundamental necessity rather than just a competitive advantage. With the rise of online platforms, customers have the power to amplify their experiences and hold companies accountable.

Here are some key aspects of why you need excellent customer service:

Shift in customer expectations and technological transformation

The expectations of today’s consumers have undergone a significant shift. Rapid advancements largely influence this technology. Customers now demand personalized and more efficient experiences across all touchpoints.

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, and data analytics has enabled companies to anticipate customer needs. They can ultimately deliver proactive support and provide personalized recommendations.

Mobile devices have empowered consumers to engage with businesses anytime and anywhere. It further necessitates a responsive and accessible customer service approach.

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Criteria for selecting exemplary companies

Several criteria come into play when evaluating companies’ commitment to excellent customer service.

  1. Customer satisfaction scores serve as a valuable metric for gauging the overall sentiment of a company’s clientele. High satisfaction scores indicate a company’s ability to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

  2. Response times also play a key role in shaping the customer experience. Timely and effective responses demonstrate companies’ dedication to promptly addressing customer inquiries and issues.

  3. Innovation in service delivery is another vital aspect to consider. Companies that use new technologies and methodologies to enhance customer service showcase a forward-thinking approach that resonates with modern consumers.

The best customer service companies in 2024

I’ll explore the best customer service companies in 2024. The list includes everything from the best customer service outsourcing companies to the best companies for customer experience.

Technology innovators


HelpDesk software is an exceptional ticketing system. It’s revolutionizing the way companies manage and resolve customer inquiries and issues. HelpDesk offers a comprehensive suite of features. The platform is designed to streamline support operations and enhance customer experience.

HelpDesk ticketing system

Key features of HelpDesk:

Here are some amazing features of HelpDesk that make it one of the best customer service outsourcing companies:

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Help Scout

Help Scout is an online knowledge base that provides user-friendly tutorials. It also offers step-by-step instructions and valuable tips and tricks for effectively using their software. This resource empowers users and ensures they maximize Help Scout’s offerings.

Help Scout.

Help Scout consistently enhances its platform by staying up-to-date on the latest technological advancements. This proactive approach enables the company to equip its customers with the tools they need to thrive in their activities.

Recent technological advancements have introduced AI tools such as AI Summarize, designed to summarize conversations within Help Scout and AI assist quickly. This feature enhances responses and aims to improve the user experience while helping customers maximize the product’s benefits.

Response time leaders

Here, I listed the companies with the best customer service providers with quick response times:


Slack is a popular collaboration platform. It strongly emphasizes delivering efficient and responsive customer support to its users. This commitment is evident through its multi-faceted approach to customer assistance. This assistance ensures that users receive timely and effective help whenever needed.


Slack maintains a comprehensive and well-organized help center. It provides users with a wealth of resources and information to address common queries and issues. This centralized hub is a valuable self-service tool that empowers users to find solutions to their issues independently.

Slack offers in-app chat support by understanding the value of real-time assistance. It allows users to connect directly with support agents within the platform itself. This convenient feature enables users to seek help without disrupting their workflow. It ultimately fosters a seamless and efficient resolution process.

Slack has a dedicated team that provides customer support assistance through Twitter. This proactive approach ensures that users can seek help through a popular social media platform. It further expands the sources to obtain quick responses.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions stands out as a top-tier customer experience company in the United States. The company leverages a network of customer service representatives across the US and Canada. It’s one of the best remote customer service companies to provide exceptional support to businesses and their customers.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions facilitates connections through various communication channels. These include live chat, email, video, social media, and phone calls. The company offers tailored business-oriented solutions aimed at optimizing customer interactions and engagement. They do so by leveraging these diverse channels.

Working Solutions is dedicated to achieving several key objectives, including:

  1. Promoting businesses at every customer touchpoint.

  2. Increasing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

  3. Providing seamless and uninterrupted customer communication channels.

  4. Elevating the overall quality of customer service.

  5. Improving client operations through a 24% increase in first-call resolution.

Working Solutions focuses on exceeding customer expectations to boost brand loyalty. The company aims to transform potential customers into strong advocates for their businesses.

Customer satisfaction champions

Here are the best companies for customer experience and high customer satisfaction ratings:


Freshworks provides user-friendly customer experience SaaS solutions. It’s famous for the technical expertise of its support teams and customer success managers. It ultimately helps in enhancing the value of the customer lifecycle.


The customer-facing teams at Freshworks are dedicated to meeting customization requests and handling intricate technical needs with finesse. They’re extending their support even after the sale is finalized. Freshworks empowers its clients to revolutionize customer service by offering the necessary technological capabilities.


A key aspect of Starbucks’ success lies in its ability to cultivate personalized customer connections. On average, customers frequent Starbucks aboutsix times a month, while their most devoted customers visit up to 16 times. This suggests that the best customer service may be a key ingredient in their success.

Starbucks coffee

Their rewards programs truly stand out as the pinnacle of their offerings. The concept of complimentary drinks or points entices customers as they can redeem these points for free items.

Starbucks’ approach also makes customers feel appreciated. The ongoing interactions between the company and its customers unfold. Engaging in philanthropy through gift cards and free customer visits further reinforces the sense of being part of something larger.

Starbucks serves as an exemplary model of successful customer reward programs and incentives. Investing in listening tools to gain deeper insights into customer preferences is crucial. Starbucks keeps its customers engaged and informed about new developments and has over ten million followers on its social media platforms. It reflects their desire to stay connected and informed, making it one of the best customer service companies.

Industry-specific standouts

Here are companies with the best customer service that stand out in specific industries:


It offers more than just its incredibly delicious chicken and refreshing lemonade. A significant aspect of Chick-fil-A’s popularity is its warm and polite staff. The staff is dedicated to fostering an efficient customer experience. They conclude every interaction with My pleasure.


Unlike typical quick-service restaurants, it prides itself on offering services that exceed expectations. Whether assisting mothers with small children by carrying heavy trays or graciously providing fresh pepper to diners, you can experience the best customer service here. The dedication of the staff ensures that every visitor feels genuinely valued and welcomed, and it makes Chick-fil-A the top company with the best customer service.

The brand also actively participates in local charitable events and communities, including a program aimed at assisting restaurant operators in combating hunger in their local areas. This community involvement cultivates a favorable brand image and fosters customer loyalty.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline established in 1984. It has distinguished itself with its lively and compelling approach to air travel. The company is popular for its unconventional marketing tactics. This includes its attention-grabbing stunts.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has consistently prioritized exceptional service despite these marketing theatrics. The company has ensured the enjoyment of passengers throughout its history. A dissatisfied passenger sent a letter to co-founder Richard Branson in a memorable incident in 2009. He wrote about the quality of the in-flight dining experience.

Branson took an extraordinary step instead of resorting to a typical apology and offering travel credits. Branson personally invited the passenger to join the food advisory board of Virgin Atlantic. This proactive approach aimed to leverage customer feedback to enhance the menu of airlines across various flight routes.

This incident reflects a genuine commitment to addressing customer concerns and improving their overall experience. While many companies opt for standard and pre-written responses when addressing customer feedback. The willingness of Virgin Atlantic to embrace feedback to make a meaningful change makes it stand out.

This proactive and customer-centric approach underscores the airline’s genuine dedication to its customer base. It ultimately establishes a higher service standard that distinguishes it within the industry.


Hilton hotels are globally popular for their consistent quality, modern amenities, cozy rooms, and top-notch customer service.

It offers a luxurious experience with 19 different hotel brands under its wing. You can experience amazing services at a price that does not break the bank. This is due to its clear, upfront pricing, without hidden fees or surprises. This makes it a popular choice for both leisure and business travelers.


Most amazingly, about 80% of Hilton hotels offer a pet-friendly environment. It means guests can travel with their furry friends and be assured they will receive the same care and attention. This pet-friendly approach not only makes Hilton a welcoming solution for pet owners. It also shows their commitment to meeting the diverse needs of their guests.

The guest experience and comfort are of the utmost importance in hospitality. Guests feel valued and indulged when assured of receiving exceptional treatment, which helps create a strong incentive to choose that brand repeatedly. Hilton provides excellent customer service to each customer, whether they opt for luxury suites or standard rooms.


Chewy has solidified its position as the top option for pet parents worldwide. It has become a go-to for all the essential supplies for pets. Chewy’s customer service provides immediate response and offers an exceptional experience.


The customer care representatives are also friendly and helpful. They also show genuine interest in hearing about your new family member. Most of their customers appreciate Chewy’s customer service representatives’ warmth and attention to detail.

Chewy is popular for exceeding expectations in meaningful ways. It’s for multiple reasons, from sending free photos of pets to customers to offering flowers after a pet passes. Companies like Chewy that consistently go above and beyond deserve recognition.

Global leaders

Let’s talk about who has the best customer service as global leaders:

Walt Disney

Since its establishment in 1923, Walt Disney has consistently excelled in customer service. It has reshaped the industry with iconic creations by evolving from an animation studio to a global entertainment powerhouse.

Walt Disney

The influence of Disney exceeds animation. It encompasses strategic acquisitions of companies ranging from Pixar to Marvel and Lucasfilm. It ultimately results in beloved franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The success of Disney extends beyond entertainment. It’s deeply committed to diversity, inclusion, and environmental responsibility.

Disney ensures that its content and culture evolve with a changing world. The narratives and iconic characters of Disney continue to captivate audiences worldwide. It also shows its unwavering dedication to the best customer service and creating enduring, enchanting experiences.

The reputation of Disney as a model of exceptional customer service stands as a testament to its enduring legacy. This has also made it to the best customer service companies list.


Amazon has become a global technology powerhouse and is one of the largest retailers worldwide. Its flagship offering, Amazon Prime, boasts nearly 200 million subscribers globally. It provides expedited one- and two-day shipping and access to myriad services, which usually range from streaming to gaming and grocery shopping.


The appeal of Amazon Prime lies not only in the swift delivery of orders. It’s also in the seamless customer service experience it offers. Whether facing delayed shipments, damaged deliveries, or subpar products, Amazon’s return policy has cemented its reputation as a trusted brand.

In many cases, Amazon promptly processes refunds or dispatches replacement items at no additional cost. The era of lengthy phone calls to customer support and pleading one’s case is a thing of the past. Users can effortlessly navigate the app and click a few buttons, and then let the system take care of the rest.


Apple stands out as a company famous for delivering outstanding customer service. Their customer support team comprises highly skilled and experienced customer service representatives who are always prepared to assist customers with any issue.


Apple has remained committed to upholding its history of providing exceptional customer service since the vision of Steve Jobs. This dedication continues to thrive under the leadership of Tim Cook. Customers can access personalized support for their Apple products through a comprehensive portal catering to all Apple purchases.

Apple’s ACSI index of 82 and NPS score of 49 indicate their commitment to customer service excellence. The exemplary customer care has earned Apple the reputation of a global leader amongst the best customer service companies.


As we move through 2024, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the most successful companies prioritize customer service. Companies considered to have the best customer service have gone beyond standard practices and integrated them into the core of their brand.

They’ve made it a point to provide their customers with an exceptional experience at every touchpoint. This includes offering prompt and personalized responses, ensuring that their products and services meet the highest quality standards, and providing effective solutions to any issues.