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updated: Apr 3, 2024

Video tutorial for ticket ratingLink icon

Watch this short video to learn how ticket rating works:

You need customer feedback to improve their experience. Set up the workflow for ticket ratings to consistently exceed customer expectations. 

Set up ticket ratingsLink icon

First, you can only collect feedback on your customer service team’s performance with a properly configured workflow or macros

To start collecting customer feedback, go to the “Automations” section and select the “Workflows” category.

Here, you can find the “Feedback request” workflow template for collecting ticket ratings.

A workflow named “Feedback request” to collect ticket ratings.

By default, the “Feedback request” workflow template is:

  • Ready in terms of a set of conditions and actions
  • Enabled for new licenses

Edit the workflow named “Feedback request.”

You can modify the content of the “Feedback request” workflow to suit your needs. In addition, you can easily turn this workflow on and off using the switch button to the right of this specific workflow in the main list with workflows.

Enable and disable the “Feedback request” workflow using the switch button.

Choose whether a rating is (given in the past) or has been added (given after the automation was created) as Great 🟢, Okay 🔵, or Not good 🔴 in tickets to automate responding to customer feedback.

Condition related to the ticket rating in workflows.

Condition related to the ticket rating in workflows.

Ticket rating from the recipient’s perspective Link icon

The ticket rating process included the following steps:

1. Rating selectionLink icon

When the recipient picks a rating inside the ticket, it automatically takes them to a dedicated website where the rating they selected is already saved.

Ticket rating example.

2. Adding commentsLink icon

On the ticket rating website, the recipient can add more thoughts or opinions in the comments section if they wish, but this isn’t required.

Ticket rating — selecting the rating.

Ticket rating — writing a comment.

3. Confirmation of sent ticket ratingLink icon

To ensure the recipient’s rating and any comments are officially noted and shown to us, they need to click “Send” on the website.

Ticket rating — confirmation of the sent rating.

4. Automated saving and time limitLink icon

As soon as the recipient selects a rating in the ticket, it’s saved immediately. Once on the feedback website, they have 10 minutes to leave any comments or change their rating. If they don’t submit a new rating and comment using the Save button, the initial rating is saved.

The customer has 30 days to rate the ticket after receiving the request for feedback. After that time, the link expires.
The customer has 30 days to rate the ticket after receiving the request for feedback. After that time, the link expires.

An expired link asking for customer feedback.

Ticket rating from the agent’s perspectiveLink icon

When you’re in the ticket, go to the “Ticket details” section. Then, look at the “Ticket info” part for the current ticket rating status.

Rating status in the “Ticket details” section.

There are five possible ticket rating statuses you can encounter:

  1. Rating: Not rated (your customer hasn’t yet given any feedback)
  2. Rating: Not applicable
  3. Rating: Request sent
  4. Rating: Great/Okay/Not good
  5. Recent rating: Great/Okay/Not good (if there were more ratings)

Ticket rated as great.

Ticket rated as okay.

The settings link in the tooltip will direct you to the relevant settings for the team assigned to the ticket you’re in.
The settings link in the tooltip will direct you to the relevant settings for the team assigned to the ticket you’re in.

Tooltip with ticket rating settings in ticket details.

Ticket rating in the communication feedLink icon

In the ticket’s communication feed, you can see all ratings added by your customer, along with optional comments. You can’t change or delete a rating if you’re an agent.

Ticket rating in the communication feed of the ticket.

Filter by ticket ratingsLink icon

You can filter your tickets by rating. Go to the main dashboard, click on the “+Add Filter” button, select “Rating,” and pick the ticket rating status you’re interested in.

Filtering tickets by rating on the main dashboard.

Ticket ratings are also visible in the ticket preview. Hover your cursor over a ticket to see its rating.

Preview of the ticket rating on the main dashboard.

Customer satisfaction reportsLink icon

Ticket ratings are a great indicator of whether you’re doing something right or need improvement. You can analyze your ticket ratings in the “Reports” section. Select the “Ticket Satisfaction” report to find out how you did.

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