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What is ticket rating

Aneta Szotek
1 min read
updated: Jul 1, 2019

To improve your customer service, you need your customers’ feedback. That’s where HelpDesk’s ticket rating come in handy.

HelpDesk can gather feedback about your support team performance for you.

One hour after solving a ticket, your customer will receive an email asking to rate their support experience.

The message looks like this:

Ticket rating - question

Your customer can then choose their rating and send a comment:

Ticket rating form

You will see the status of your ticket rating in the HelpDesk app.

This status means that the feedback request hasn’t been sent yet:

Ticket rating status: not rated

This status means that your customer hasn’t given any feedback yet.

Ticket rating status: request sent

When you receive the rating, it’ll look like this (Great, Okay, Not good):

Ticket rating status: great

Your customers can rate your ticket only once. If they try to do so, they’ll receive this message:

Ticket already rated - message

How to manage your feedback requests

To change your feedback settings, go to Settings -> Email notifications.

In the “Sent to Requesters” section, tick/untick the “Feedback request” field. Then, click “Save changes”.

Feedback request settings

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