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updated: Sep 12, 2019

The “Reports” section gives you an overview of your customer support performance. You can check your average response time, ticket rating, the volume of tickets you receive, ticket sources, and many more.

In HelpDesk, there are 5 main types of reports:

  • Last 7 days
  • New tickets
  • Ticket satisfaction
  • First response time
  • Solved and closed

Last 7 days

This section displays a summary of the last 7 days of your ticket activity. It shows you everything you should know about new tickets you received in the past week. You can check the following details: how many tickets you received, how many of them were solved or closed, what the average response time is, and how well the ticket responses were rated.

Last 7 Days report in HelpDesk

New tickets

In this section, you’ll find three detailed reports. For each report chart, there’s a breakdown at the bottom.

Take a look at the “New tickets” chart to investigate how many tickets you received in a given time frame.

New Tickets report in HelpDesk

The “Ticket sources” section shows you how many tickets were created manually and how many were received as emails.

Ticket sources report in HelpDesk

The “New tickets heatmap” is a tool that can help you predict how many tickets you’ll receive and how many agents you’ll need to answer them in the future. It gives you a graphical summary of the peak times when you receive more tickets than usual.

New tickets heatmap report in HelpDesk

Ticket satisfaction

The “Ticket satisfaction” report gives you an overview of the ticket rating provided by your customers.

Ticket satisfaction report in HelpDesk

First response time

This report is designed to show you how fast your customer gets a response to their question. The results are based on two elements: “time to assign to agent” and “time to respond”. You can see how much time it takes for your team to respond to a ticket.

First response time report in HelpDesk

Solved and closed

This report displays the number of solved and closed tickets. You can see how it relates to all the tickets you received. The chart also shows you data segmented by day.

Reports are available only in the desktop view. All tickets marked as SPAM are excluded from the reports.
Reports are available only in the desktop view. All tickets marked as SPAM are excluded from the reports.

Reports overview - video

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