Why are my tickets marked as Spam?

Weronika Masternak
3 min read
updated: Dec 7, 2023

Reasons why tickets are marked as spamLink icon

There are many ticket statuses available in HelpDesk, and one of them is Spam. Sometimes the status use is obvious, but other times you need some clarification.

The ticket you receive can be marked as Spam for many reasons, and some of them are:

The message appears to be auto-generatedLink icon

This is all connected to the mailing list and autoresponders. If the requester marks the message in its headers as auto-generated (meaning not created by a human), it’ll be marked as spam to prevent automated responses sent by HelpDesk.

SolutionLink icon

Right now, the only solution is to change the way you mark emails and messages. However, in most cases, this is difficult and often impossible.

Message content seems suspiciousLink icon

This situation means that the application email service provider (in our case, it’s Postmark) has marked the email as spam based on its content, sender history, internet reports, IP address, etc.

SolutionLink icon

Add the requester’s address to the Trusted list.

Requester’s email is added to the Blocked listLink icon

The requester’s email address is added to the Blocked list on the license.

SolutionLink icon

Remove the requester’s address from the Blocked list.

Requester’s email has reached the “messages per hour” limitLink icon

A single requester has created more than five tickets in the last 60 minutes. Subsequent messages from this requester are marked as spam until they fall below this threshold.

SolutionLink icon

You can deal with this in two ways:

  1. Contact us at support@helpdesk.com and ask to increase the spam limit for your license.
  2. Add the requester’s address to the Trusted list.

Identical message contentLink icon

A ticket can be marked as spam if messages with nearly identical content on the same or a different license have dropped into HelpDesk in the last 30 days. In most cases, these are blank or very short messages with elaborate signatures, or messages like “test” or “hello.”

SolutionLink icon

Sometimes repetitive messages are legitimate and shouldn’t be classified as spam, such as a form in which only a few words change. You can deal with this in two ways:

  1. Contact us at support@helpdesk.com and ask to increase the similarity threshold.
  2. Add the requester’s address to the Trusted list.

Why do tickets from the X email address go to spam when the address has already been added to the trusted list?Link icon

We also have a maximum number of emails per sender per hour, even for email addresses added to the Trusted list. This means that the ticket created above the email sending limit may still be marked as spam. If you encounter this issue, our support team will lift this limit for you.

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