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Proactively support customers
with chatbot integration

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Create tickets automatically

Open up another communication channel using chatbot assistance. It can successfully start a conversation with your customer, which can then be routed to a human agent or a workflow.

A chatbot talking using a laptop at night.

Answer customer questions 24/7

A chatbot is always there to help when you're not around. Customers can engage with it, get prompt guidance, or leave a ticket with further questions around the clock.

A chatbot that is listening to conversations and then processing them into conclusions.

Gather precise customer data

Use a chatbot to ask your customers questions and gain new insights into their experience. All answers will appear as tickets on your main HelpDesk dashboard, ready to be analyzed.

ChatBot in a nutshell

ChatBot is a platform that allows you to build and launch chatbots.
Chatbots can simulate a human-like conversation by providing real-time, automated answers to users' questions via text chat messages.

Infographic on how ChatBot works with the highlighted visual builder, academy, chatbot widget, and rich message mode.

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Free 14-day trial Simple setup

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