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Integrate HelpDesk
with Shopify

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HelpDesk dahboard with Shopify integration

A real boost for
your ecommerce support

A ticket that is organizing customer requests using a single machine.

One place for all messages

Set up the HelpDesk email for your Shopify store. Centralize all your customer communication, and track your ticket's history.

A team of tickets that are cooperating with each other in a match.

Useful collaboration tools

Teamwork is the key to customer satisfaction. Use smart and solid solutions brought to you by Shopify integration that will make you successful in every case.

A single production line that is handling customer requests and is managed by a ticket.

Automate your repetitive work

Cut resolution time and apply high-performance automation for repetitive tasks. Solve complex tickets, and the automation will take care of the rest.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that, when combined with HelpDesk, gives you a comprehensive approach to the customer shopping flow. Your ecommerce support team will have control over the entire purchasing process. Work quicker, and build a deeper understanding of your customers.

Build up your Shopify store

Experience HelpDesk and Shopify integration for excellent customer service.

Free 14-day trial Simple setup Simple setup

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