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By clicking the "Create an Account" button (or a similar button or checkbox that confirms that you are signing up for the Services), you accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Data Processing Addendum, which together constitute a contract between us (referred to as the "Agreement"). In the case of an Order Form (if applicable to you), the Agreement begins to bind you on the effective date set forth in your signed Order Form.

When personal data is hosted or processed outside of the European Economic Area and the UK, GDPR requires that it remains protected by appropriate safeguards in line with EU law. We meet these requirements by implementing the appropriate safeguards required by the GDPR. Please go to International Data Transfer to get more information.

We store and process the personal data of your customers or users within your connection while using our services. We especially store data provided in the pre-chat survey, chat content, and ticket content. Thus, if you collect your customer or users’ personal data and transfer them to us, you may need to gain their consent and notify them you use our services. You can find the instructions on how to customize your pre-chat survey to comply with this rule in Prepare your chat to the GDPR. If you wish and if they meet your company’s requirements, you can use one of (or more than one) the clauses we have prepared for you. The clauses can be found in Chat Forms.

No, the Agreement does not have to be signed to be binding. Your right to access and use the Services is expressly conditioned on your acceptance of the Agreement. Remember, the Agreement is effective as of the earliest of the date you register for the Services, by clicking the “Create account” button (or a similar button or checkbox that confirms you agree/accept/sign up” for the Services), accessing the Services, or the effective date specified in the Order Form (the “Effective Date”).

We do not sign the DPA as a separate agreement anymore - the DPA is already an integral part of the Agreement, meaning it does not require a separate signature. The reason why we have included the DPA in the Agreement is the need to simplify the work and “keep it simple.”

As a company offering its services in SaaS model we are aware that the security of our customers and their data is crucial. We treat security as a basic aspect of our business. We know that it is a matter of trust. Currently, we made sure our safeguards comply with the regulation and adjusted some new ones if necessary. More information about our technical and security measures you may find in Exhibit B of the Data Processing Addendum.

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