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Create custom fields to equip your tickets with additional information

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A panel for creating and editing custom fields in HelpDesk.

Create custom fields freely with an easy-to-use panel

  • Conveniently click out your new custom field in seconds.
  • Have full control over who can edit and view custom fields in the ticket details.
  • Take advantage of four custom field types to store multiple data formats.
  • Use the API documentation to create tailor-made custom fields and integrate them into your systems.

Ticket details will keep any information (and gut feelings) you want

Example view of ticket details with custom field values filled in.

Easy value editing

Manage and adjust custom field values as you collect information on the requester and their case.

Team access

Share cross-departmental knowledge in custom fields to provide the perfect case solution as a team.

Different formats

Use four possible data formats and make the ticket details the main source of truth about your requester.

Set up your first custom field now

Browse our help center article to learn how to set up the custom fields that will suit your needs.

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Custom fields will streamline their support too


Brastel team saves 12 minutes handling each ticket. It's a 39% decrease in the ticket resolution process.


Brastel team handles nearly 2,000 tickets a month using automation.

HelpDesk embraces everything we needed when it comes, to asynchronous customer communication.

Irina Bokareva
Marketing Project Manager at Brastel Co., Ltd.

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