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P4P Partners case study

Learn how P4P manages 56 teams to handle diverse cases, reducing ticket handling time to 13 minutes and 54 seconds.

A case study on P4P Partners's use of HelpDesk.

P4P Partners team reduced the average first response time for even the most complex request to just 1 hour.


Tickets were created through email. Once P4P Partners properly set up email forwarding, 18,000 tickets per month, or 53.9% of the total, had source: email.


The P4P Partners team handles nearly 4,000 tickets per week using automation.

About P4P Partners

P4P Partners is in the business of linking up the world of online entertainment, mainly focusing on interactive gaming. With over a decade of industry experience, they handle affiliate programs that help boost the visibility of entertainment providers and keep audiences engaged.

Their approach is all about building and maintaining long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships backed by strong performance metrics, such as high retention and conversion rates.

What really stands out is their use of support tools such as the HelpDesk ticketing system, which keeps their customer service on point and responsive. This streamlines communication and ensures that everyone, from gamers to business partners, can count on timely help whenever they need it.


As P4P Partners expanded their operations, they encountered significant challenges in managing their customer support system. The company dealt with about 18,000 requests per month (about 4,000 requests per week), mostly through email and manual entries, representing a huge amount of work and various customer scenarios.

The lack of formalized support further exacerbated the situation. The broad categorization of customer support teams led to inefficiencies in handling specialized queries, particularly for VIP customers and different-language speakers. 

The existing methods proved inefficient as customer queries piled up, leading to slower response times and mounting frustrations among both customers and support staff. This strain was compounded by a lack of integration among the tools being used, which resulted in a disjointed handling of customer issues and inefficiencies in tracking and resolving these inquiries.

The need for a centralized platform became acutely apparent as the business grew. The team at P4P Partners found themselves sifting through various systems and processes, none of which could scale effectively with their expanding customer base. Each system that was trialed introduced its own set of complications, from integration issues to inadequate support features that fell short of the company's needs for agility and comprehensiveness.

Moreover, the piecemeal solutions previously adopted weren't equipped to provide the analytics and reporting needed to forecast issues or measure the efficacy of customer interactions. This lack of insights hindered strategic decision-making and prevented the company from proactively addressing underlying cases before they escalated.

Navigating these challenges highlighted the critical need for a robust system to streamline processes and align with the company's growth trajectory and customer service ethos. As P4P Partners grappled with these operational pain points, the quest for a scalable and integrated customer support solution became paramount.

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A regular day at P4P Partners

In a typical workday at P4P Partners, the company employs a systematic approach facilitated by HelpDesk to manage an array of inquiries and technical challenges adeptly. Upon starting their day, employees log into HelpDesk to tackle various requests, ranging from password resets to software issues and data updates. 

Their objective is straightforward: resolve these issues swiftly to maintain client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Communication is key in this process. The company keeps clients well-informed about their request statuses and is readily available to provide assistance. HelpDesk is central to P4P Partners' strategy, serving as the essential tool for query resolution and boosting workplace productivity.

The most frequently used features

For P4P Partners, the ticketing system has refined their business operations and enhanced client interaction. HelpDesk features are critical to running a business because they provide a well-organized framework that ensures all client inquiries are managed promptly and efficiently, keeping P4P Partners' service seamless and attentive.

KnowledgeBase is another key asset, acting as a central hub of information. This resource is invaluable in swiftly addressing common customer queries, speeding up response times, and freeing up the teams to focus on more complex issues

In addition, there is one incredibly beneficial feature you have, and I am talking about the KnowledgeBase. This feature saves our time and unlocks the possibility of timely assistance.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

P4P Partners rely on HelpDesk's robust suite of tools to ensure seamless communication with clients, enhancing clarity and effectiveness at every touchpoint. These invaluable features facilitate client involvement, from monitoring request progress to capturing vital details, streamlining the customer journey.

I would love to extend my thoughts concerning the HelpDesk platform, as every day it allows us to streamline our workflow and enhance our efficiency in the resolution of different queries. Some of the features are super helpful for our work on a daily basis.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

Team Structuring and agent deployment

P4P Partners implemented dedicated teams to cater to international customers, including specialized groups offering language-specific support in English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and so on.

Additionally, the company has enhanced its agent training programs to focus on rapid response tactics, customer engagement strategies, and technical problem-solving, improving the overall efficiency and quality of responses as part of its ongoing process improvements.

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Training, developing, and assessing team performance through reports

P4P Partners uses various methods to improve employees' skills and monitor their development. Using HelpDesk reports, the company identifies areas in need of work and opportunities for growth, which is crucial for planning the training of new employees. This approach allows the company to tailor training plans that meet specific needs and effectively improve soft and hard support skills.

At our company, we utilize different tools to support the training and development of our employees while observing their performance and growth. By utilizing the reports HelpDesk provides, we see the areas for improvement and opportunities for future development, and it helps us a lot in our training for newcomers.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

In addition, these reports are essential for providing constructive feedback within teams. They help highlight successes, identify areas for improvement, and offer guidance, fostering a supportive and trusting environment. This feedback encourages employees to continue learning and strive for better results.

As we talk about monitoring the performance of our team members, HelpDesk reports allow us to track the key metrics and KPIs relevant to the responsibilities of each team member.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

HelpDesk reports are extremely useful for tracking performance. They show important metrics and KPIs for each team member's role, helping to detect hardships, identify areas of improvement, and take action to prevent future challenges. On the whole, these reports can help develop talent, achieve excellence, and help team members reach their full potential within the company.

Also, your reports play a crucial role in providing constructive feedback to our team members, such as: highlighting successes, acknowledging areas of improvement, and providing guidance for further improvement.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

Using tags, canned responses, and custom fields in the ticketing process

P4P Partners has revamped their customer support system by integrating tags, canned responses, and custom fields into its HelpDesk ticketing system. These features offer a range of benefits and are used across various situations to boost efficiency and ensure accurate resolutions.

Tags are like powerful labels that help classify tickets based on different factors, such as the type of issue, its urgency, or the specific department handling it. This makes it easy to identify and assign tasks quickly. For instance, agents can use tags to prioritize urgent issues, direct tickets to specialized teams, or track trends in common support requests.

Canned responses are ready-made templates for addressing common inquiries. P4P Partners uses these templates to speed up response times while maintaining accuracy. They're handy for providing initial troubleshooting steps, sharing standard procedures, or offering commonly needed information.

The implementation of tags, canned responses, and custom fields within our ticketing system has demonstrably enhanced efficiency and streamlined case resolution.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

Custom fields take things a step further by allowing the capture of specific, case-related details. This activity uses the data collection process to support each case's unique needs. For example, agents can gather details like user preferences or gaming troubles to ensure thorough issue-solving.

Custom fields allow for the capture of additional, case-specific information, providing valuable context and facilitating effective problem-solving. These fields can be tailored to gather pertinent details or track specific metrics, ensuring a targeted approach to each unique case.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

In various situations, these features have proved their worth in handling complex technical issues and diverse customer inquiries. For example, when dealing with a software bug report, tags can help prioritize its severity, canned responses can provide initial troubleshooting steps, and custom fields can collect detailed information about the user's system.

More importantly, the ability to tag team members and track progress ensures smooth coordination and accountability throughout the support process. This fosters teamwork and transparency within P4P Partners' support team, leading to better customer service overall.

The aforementioned features were instrumental in a recent instance where a complex technical issue necessitated collaboration across multiple departments.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

Using email templates to handle messages for multiple brands

In managing messages across multiple brands, P4P Partners strategically uses email templates to maintain the delicate trade-off between providing unified yet customized support.

Zota bet email

These templates are meticulously tailored to encapsulate the unique voice and demeanor of each brand within the company while allowing for flexibility in addressing individual customer inquiries. Such an approach nurtures a unified brand identity while enabling the delivery of personalized responses that deeply resonate with the target audiences.

Our primary objective is to strike a balance between delivering consistent and personalized support across our diverse brands. Email templates serve as a valuable tool in achieving this harmony.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

To add to this, strategic placeholders within these templates seamlessly incorporate dynamic content, such as the customer's name, relevant order specifics, or pertinent support case particulars. The described method infuses communications with a personalized dimension without compromising consistency or operational efficacy.

50 crowns email
By leveraging HelpDesk email templates, we streamline the communication process and guarantee message consistency across all our brands.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

In summary, by harnessing email templates in this strategic fashion, communication processes are more streamlined, message uniformity is ensured across all brands under P4P Partners, and ultimately, a personalized experience is delivered that exceeds customers' expectations.

Thanks to HelpDesk, we're able to streamline the communication process, guarantee message consistency across all our brands, and ultimately provide a personalized experience that surpasses our customers' expectations.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

Solving complex customer cases

P4P Partners recently had a crucial customer issue that needed urgent attention. Their agents quickly documented the situation in the HelpDesk system with great detail and accuracy. Using the automated processes, the case was smartly escalated and assigned to the team member with the exact expertise needed for a solution.

By tagging the issue as "Urgent" in HelpDesk, it was given top priority. Detailed notes were meticulously added to the ticket, capturing both the customer's concerns and the initial steps taken to address them. This seamless collaboration between agents and automations ensured the customer's concern was swiftly and effectively resolved, maintaining their satisfaction and trust in their services.

In response, I swiftly logged their inquiry within the HelpDesk system to ensure prioritization and assignment to the most qualified team member. Additionally, I employed the tagging function to designate the ticket as "Urgent" and included detailed notes outlining the customer's specific concerns and the actions already taken.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

The company then emailed the customer to express understanding of their frustration and affirm the brand's dedication to resolving the matter carefully. Throughout the process, the customer was kept updated on the progress being made.

To provide precise and efficient assistance, the team tapped into HelpDesk's extensive help center for relevant resources and troubleshooting guides. They also utilized pre-drafted responses to ensure consistent and streamlined communication.

To furnish accurate and efficient support, I strategically utilized the HelpDesk's knowledge base for pertinent resources and troubleshooting guides. Furthermore, I leveraged pre-composed responses to streamline communication and maintain consistency in my interactions with the customer.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

The strategic application of HelpDesk's functionalities, coupled with clear and open communication lines, led to the successful resolution of the issue. This incident underscored the importance of HelpDesk as an essential tool for effectively managing customer queries, allowing P4P Partners to handle complex challenges with professionalism, empathy, and productivity.


Automation for more efficient teamwork

Let's discuss how automation has changed the game for P4P Partners. The company has made things quicker and more streamlined by letting workflows handle the recurring tasks – this means their team can do more without getting bogged down by routine tasks.

One particular example where automation has proven to be exceptionally valuable is in the processing of routine administrative tasks associated with customer inquiries. We have accomplished this by integrating automated workflows within our HelpDesk system.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

Take, for example, how they deal with customer questions. P4P Partners made their HelpDesk smarter by adding automated workflows that sort through tickets in the background, figuring out which ones are most urgent or what they're about. This cuts out a lot of manual sorting, so the team can get straight to helping customers.

These workflows automatically categorize and prioritize incoming tickets based on predetermined criteria, such as the nature of the issue, its level of urgency, or the customer segment. This has effectively eliminated the need for manual intervention in the initial sorting of tickets, empowering our team to dedicate their efforts to addressing customer inquiries with greater alacrity.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

They didn't stop there! They set up a system for common questions that automatically sends out ready-made answers. This system looks for specific keywords in tickets and then pops out the appropriate response. It's quick and consistent, meaning customers get their answers without delay.

We've leveraged automation to generate and transmit standardized email responses for common inquiries or requests. This has been realized by establishing pre-defined responses and configuring triggers to send them automatically based on specific keywords or ticket characteristics. As a result, we are able to respond to customer inquiries with enhanced speed and consistency.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners

And about keeping in touch with customers? They've got automation for that, too.

After they deal with a customer's issue, an automated system sends a follow-up email. This keeps the conversation going and ensures the customer feels looked after.

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Quicker response time due to shared responsibilities

P4P Partners made significant strides in enhancing their operational efficiency through strategic initiatives. They managed to dramatically reduce the average first response time to just 1 hour, which included assigning a ticket to an agent within 46 minutes and the agent responding in approximately 14 minutes. This was made possible by implementing prioritized alerts for new tickets and refining the ticket assignment process.

Additionally, the average ticket resolution time was significantly reduced to 22 hours from ticket creation and 25 hours from assignment to resolution, demonstrating the effectiveness of their optimized agent assignment processes.

Regarding handling capabilities, by deploying 56 specialized teams and assigning 26 dedicated agents to cater to diverse customer segments and languages, P4P Partners enhanced their responsiveness and customer engagement. This organizational structure is necessary to effectively manage a large number of 18,000 tickets per month (about 4,000 tickets per week).

Technological enhancements strongly expanded the use of personalized canned responses for routine inquiries, particularly for VIP customers. Alongside the integration of automated workflows for updating ticket statuses, in tandem with other technologies, they have significantly contributed to maintaining an efficient ticket management process. These tools minimized the requirement for manual supervision and accelerated issue resolution.

The results of these changes are clearly positive. The refined processes and technological improvements led to a ticket resolution rate of 64% (solved tickets) and enhanced customer satisfaction, which saw a rise to 90% positive feedback. The introduction of quicker response times and specialized support further boosted customer satisfaction, with ongoing measures in place to track these improvements. 

This strategic overhaul not only improved efficiency but also scaled up the flexibility and adaptability of the ticket handling system to manage varying ticket volumes and complexities effectively.

Successes of P4P Partners using HelpDesk

In short, through the integration of sophisticated automation technologies and strategic workforce optimization, P4P Partners has not only cut down on the tedious aspects of customer service but also significantly enhanced both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This multifaceted approach has allowed them to do more with less, focusing more on critical issues and improving customer interactions.

The incorporation of HelpDesk automation has significantly bolstered our team's productivity and efficiency. This has been achieved through a reduction in manual effort, minimized response times, and the ability to focus our resources on higher-value tasks that necessitate human expertise and intervention.
Alex Lawrence photo Alex Lawrence, Head of CRM at P4P Partners


In summary, P4P Partners' transition to the comprehensive HelpDesk ticketing system and a unified dashboard has revolutionized their approach to customer service. 

With enhanced operational efficiency and a focus on technology integration, they're equipped to handle more customer requests efficiently. Also, they improved the quality of their customer interactions big time.

As P4P Partners continues to innovate and refine their processes through specialized training and data-driven strategies, they're setting new standards for customer support, positioning themselves as industry leaders. All of this means that users can count on their assistance right away.

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