How to delete a ticket

Weronika Masternak
1 min read
updated: Aug 26, 2022

By default, HelpDesk stores all of your tickets, even the solved ones. If you want to delete a ticket, you can do it manually.

To delete a ticket, open the ticket, and click “Delete ticket” in the “Details” section.

Ticket details in HelpDesk

To confirm your decision, click “Delete permanently.”

Deleting a ticket - confirmation

If you delete a ticket, you won’t see it anywhere in HelpDesk. The ability to permanently delete a ticket is crucial because of the data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR).

Deleting tickets in bulkLink icon

You can use bulk actions to delete several tickets at once. Find out more about deleting tickets in bulk.

Note that you need to have the admin role to delete tickets in HelpDesk.

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