LiveChat integration: Import data from LiveChat to HelpDesk

Aneta Szotek
2 min read
updated: Feb 10, 2020

If you have already set up your HelpDesk-LiveChat integration, you can import your data from LiveChat to HelpDesk.

But wait! It’s more than just copying your tickets, agents, groups, tags and canned responses. The most important benefit is that it replaces LiveChat’s Tickets Section with HelpDesk.

What happens when you complete the import

When you import data from LiveChat to HelpDesk, the following things happen:

  • All tickets, agents, groups, canned responses and tags are copied to HelpDesk (the data is not deleted from LiveChat).
  • Your LiveChat agents receive an email with an invitation to join HelpDesk. All agents are invited as Viewers. These accounts are free. They don’t cause any updates in your HelpDesk subscription. You can change their roles later.
  • LiveChat’s “Tickets” section is replaced with HelpDesk.
  • From now on, ticket form messages are sent directly to HelpDesk.
  • All emails forwarded to LiveChat are forwarded to HelpDesk.
  • The “General” group from LiveChat will become your default team in HelpDesk.
After the import, the applications still have separate “Settings” sections.
After the import, the applications still have separate “Settings” sections.

Step-by-step data import from LiveChat to HelpDesk

  1. Make sure your LiveChat and HelpDesk account are connected. Go to the HelpDesk settings -> Integrations. Click “Import data”.

HelpDesk Settings - Integrations

  1. Click “Import”.

LiveChat-HelpDesk data import

  1. The import is ready! You’ll see your data from LiveChat in HelpDesk. You can modify agents’ settings, groups, canned responses and tags to make them match your email channel workflow. The “Tickets” section will disappear from LiveChat and you will be able to access HelpDesk directly from the left-side menu.

Can I undo the import?

It’s not possible to undo the data import from LiveChat to HelpDesk.

The import is permanent, however, you can manually modify or delete the imported tickets, agents, groups tags or canned responses in the HelpDesk application.

If you want to go back to using LiveChat and HelpDesk separately, uninstall HelpDesk in the LiveChat Marketplace. When you do that, you will see the “Tickets” section in LiveChat again. However, all the imported data will still be visible in HelpDesk.

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